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On Monday, April 21st CrossFit Factory Square will open its doors and welcome all in to the new 5,800 square foot facility.  Although it will be a new space with a new brand, you can expect to see the same mission that we’ve had all along, to enable you to perform at your very best and [...]

Baked Spaghetti Bolognese

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WE ARE GOING TO CLOSE THIS THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY BECAUSE OF THE MOVE – WE CAN NOT WAIT TO HAVE A NEW START MONDAY MORNING AT THE NEW SPACE       This is my first post directly to the Crossfit Factory Square site! So exciting. The recipe for today is a bit lengthy [...]

Wednesday – Protein Powder Myth

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Dwaine working on the new space Scott you look amazing Myth - Protein Powders are just as good as whole foods?! Truth - Guzzling your daily protein intake is certainly easier than chewing it, but whole foods swags an array of nutrients and amino acids that most powders do not.  As a rule of thumb most of [...]


Tuesday – Overhead Position

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Here we are folks – almost ready for the move!! Dr. Hawley’s Health Corner - Over head position I have talked about this a few times in the past but I feel like it cannot be stated enough and the more options you have to regain this overhead position the better.  The amount of time spent [...]


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