I’m not sure how but the 2018 Crossfit Opens are officially starting NEXT WEEK. Where is time going and how do I get it back?!?! If you still want or need to register you can do so online through the link HERE. You must register before Thursday February 22nd and be sure to put Crossfit Factory Square as your team/affiliate in the drop down. All open workouts will be released live on Thursday nights and will be programmed every Friday. Can’t make it to the gym on Friday to complete the workout. . . . no problem! Come in over the weekend during Open Gym on Sunday or Monday to complete. REMEMBER – The Opens are for everyone and any/all skill levels. It’s all about having fun!

With that in mind . . . this year we will be doing a fun in-house competition based around the Opens. We are calling it the Open Intermurals. If you plan on completing the Open workout each week regardless of whether or not you officially register, you should plan to sign up for the Intermural. A signup sheet has already been placed on the back table by the offices. Our goal is to have 5 teams in total. For more information, details have been posted up on the whiteboard. You don’t have to do anything more than do the Open workouts each week and have fun with your team while doing so. Don’t miss out!