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Dr. Hawley’s Health Corner

Elbow Pain – Golfer’s Elbow?  No we don’t golf!  “Power Clean Elbow”

Have you ever had pain on the inside or the outside of your elbow?  Some people call this “golfer’s” or “tennis” elbow but a more technical term is medial and lateral epicondylitis. 

Medial epicondylitis is characterized by pain on the outside of your elbow and lateral epicondylitis is characterized by pain on the inside of your elbow.  If these conditions go too long without being treated you will begin to get pain down the back and front of your forearm and occasionally into your hands.  At its worse you will begin to lose strength in your hands and holding any object becomes painful and nearly impossible.  It is usually at this point when most people seek treatment.  However, if you start to take care of your elbows prior to when you have pain or even at the onset of pain you will avoid many of the long-term consequences associated with these conditions.
CrossFitter’s most commonly see these conditions in relation to improper “cleaning” movements.  If you are performing a “clean” (power clean, hang clean or squat clean) by reverse curling the barbell it is only a matter of time until you begin to have elbow and forearm pain.  This is an easy fix as you can simply talk to one of your coaches to help you perform the movement correctly.  If you already have a slight pain in your elbow/forearm or are looking for a few quick easy movements to prevent these conditions follow the easy steps below. 

  • Pre/Post workout stretching –start with your arm straight in front of you with your palm facing down.  Grab your fingers with your opposite hand and pull down and towards your arm.  This should be stretching the topside of your forearm.  Now let go of your fingers and point your palm up.  Grab your fingers again and pull down.  This will stretch the bottom of your forearm.
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization – Working on the muscles on the topside and the bottom side of your forearm is a great way to treat these conditions yourself.  There is a product called “The Stick” at the box that you can use.  Simply use this product for 30 seconds 5-10 times a day on the top and bottom of your forearm and this will breakup the adhesions that will create further complications.  A lacrosse ball works really well too.