4th and Final Wod update:
Due to the expected cold temperatures and possible snow showers by the end of this week, we have decided to completely remove the 1.5 mile run from the workout. This decision was made with the safety of all the athletes in mind. We apologize for the short notice but we’re sure you understand.

The 4th wod will now have 2 scored events for the rxd division and 1 scored event for the scaled division.
4a) 9 minute amrap of consisting of the same rxd division exercises(snatch, mup, c and j, pistol, etc), same rep scheme(50 total) same load, same scoring(if 50 reps are finished before 9 min, you will have a time for a score,etc)
4B) same 5 minute workout that will be announced on gameday.

4A) 6 minute ground to overhead(anyway) amrap. 155/85.