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Fast Five Fit Tips, 12.11

1)Use a hook grip on the barbell whenever doing cleans and snatches. It takes about 2 weeks to get comfortable with the grip. The hook grip will help, if not completely fix any early arm bend with the Olympic lifts. Try to suck it up for 2 weeks. You may feel ‘weaker’ at first, but your not.  Google hook grip, catalystathletics for further tips, exercises,stretches.

2) Cleans: show your triceps before lifting the bar off the ground. Flex your triceps down and turn your elbows in.

3) Breath directly into fatigued muscles. Example: On a set of 30 thrusters where your quads start burning, mentally direct each breath into your quads. Example 2: A workout with 50 wall balls followed by 100 double unders, mentally direct each breath into your burning shoulders. 

4) Double Under Tips:

 5)  Your glutes need to be firing properly to maximize your performance in and more importantly out(use your imagination) of the gym. Practice the first 4 movements in this article daily.  Vargochav and Justin McEnroe do all of these movements together on a daily basis. Sometimes they spot each other, but that’s not required.