6am Class Looking Good
Here is some awesome feedback about Southington Crossfit that we wanted to share – Lou, you are welcome back anytime!
I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation for welcoming me to your gym this past weekend. Being stationed as an infantry officer in Camp Pendleton, CA for the past two years, afforded me the opportunity to live in an environment that was health conscious on and off base, 24/7. Without hesitation or second thoughts, everyone always had a seamless plan to fit their work schedule around more important matters such as nutrition and fitness; it was incredible to see a large mass of individuals with such positive and similar mindsets on healthy living. I can already tell that Southington Crossfit embodies and promotes the same mentality. With leaders beside you like Bobby, Mike, and Jon, I know that your movement and what you stand for has integrity, experience, and relentless dedication behind it. The camaraderie that you have already built amongst yourselves will set a great example for the rest of the northeast to emulate. I hope that you continue to be creative in growing your relationships and motivating each other day in and day out. Good luck to all of you establishing and executing your goals. I look forward to breaking a sweat with you again in the future.

Semper Fidelis,