Hey guys!

Coach Jon here to fill you in on some quick tips I have learned and would like to share with all of you so here it goes.
Tip 1: Weaknesses: once you find one. Attack it and make it a strength.
Tip 2: Work on flexibility:  lower body and upper body mobility is a huge factor in this game of Crossfit.
Tip 3: Warm up, Cool down, STRECTH: is the perfect recipe to begin your work outs.
Tip 4: Olympic lifting: Struggling with the Snatch clean jerk etc. Take a little time after or before classes and work with just the bar for a couple repetitions of the movement.
Tip 5: Keep up with Encourage others:  When you are finished with a work out that’s for time, post your time then go and encourage another individual to keep working hard and finish strong.
Tip 6: Max Effort lifts: IF you’re feeling good. Go for it. If things feel a bit dicey, hold back work on form or shoot for percentage. One thing I always say 200 lbs will always be 200 lbs.
Tip 7: Keep TRACK: Bring a notebook to keep track of your work out that day. How you felt? Did you sleep enough eat enough etc.
Tip 8: ASK questions: As coaches we are here to help in any way we can.
Tip 9: Remember Crossfit is not a sprint (though we do lots of those) it’s a marathon, a long term journey over a distant horizon.
Tip 10: Last but not least remember to HAVE FUN!!!