Today – Dan deadlifting 325, boo-ya, look at those shoulders!!

Look at Dan 6 months before – deadlift 165

Coconut Water
Coconut water has become the latest trendy drink for fitness go getter’s. Does it deserve the hype? Zico’s coconut water does.  Its a great tool to use to reload your body after a WOD.  The vitamins and minerals come from natural sources – the coconut itself.  Many coconut waters simply dump synthetic or low grade vitamins and minerals in their products – not Zico its the real deal!

Awesome news – Paul Gregory’s (the great little restaurant to the left of us) has a NEW PALEO SHELF – in the back of the restaurant they have a cooler with GRAB and GO items and now they are stocking those shelves with Paleo meals and they are delicious!  Try it out – you wont be disappointed!

Some Reminders 

  • Last class on Friday the 18th will be 12:30
  • No classes on Saturday the 19th due to the comp – come down and cheer atheltes on.
  •  New t-shirts are coming in for the 19th
  • Heat Roster Throwdown_HEATROSTER