Awesome picture of Robin – great job today!

Sorry guys this picture was supposed to be up yesterday – again thanks Mike, Nelson (mikes dad pictured here) and Brayden for all your help Sunday!

Went to bed bath and beyond today and bought me a Nutri Bullet!  You may ask what is a Nutri Bullet – well its basically the magic bullet blender on steroids.  My magic bullet gets used everyday, we make shakes in the AM for the girls and also ourselves (Bobby’s Job).  Yes that’s right it is his job in the morning, he makes a berry, coconut milk and spinach smoothie for the girls and a protein, coconut milk, berry smoothie for us.  Well the magic bullet (after having it for 7 years) has a crack in the pitcher so it was time to replace – we will keep you updated to let you know how the new purchase is doing!  

3 days until the comp – this is going to be a great event – make sure you come down and cheer on the athletes, get involved in the crossfit community you will love it!  Wednesday afternoon Matt will be posting a update about the comp, make sure you check back to get the update!