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Thanks again to EVERYONE that made this event so successful, we couldn’t of done it without all our many volunteers, athletes and coaches! Now on to the next….stay tuned!

Dr. Hawley’s Health Corner
Mid Back
– This week we are going to focus on your mid back.  Your mid back is of the utmost importance because it is the link between your neck and your lower back.  Any loss of motion in this region can put increase pressure on either your upper or lower back but more importantly can really limit your shoulder range of motion.  The goal of this blog is to provide you with some tools to loosen up those tight muscles and try to regain that lost range motion.

Foam Rolling / Manual Therapy – One of my favorite kinds of maintenance therapies because it helps get the adhesions/knots out which prevents against injury.

  • Foam Rolling = when foam rolling your mid back your goal is to increase your anterior motion by lying on the foam roller and arching your back backwards.  For this exercise you want the foam roller to be perpendicular to your body, start with the foam roller just under your neck and start working it lower and lower.  It will feel pretty sore and stiff as you get to your mid back so make sure you go slowly and really work for proper range of motion.  
  • Manual therapy = for this region you will need to get two lacrosse balls and tape them together.  Place these on the floor and lie on them so that they are perpendicular to your back with one lacrosse ball on either side of your spine.  For this exercise start just above your shoulders and start rolling down one lacrosse ball width at a time.  To make this more interesting your can start holding weight on your chest (I would suggest start with a ten pound plate and working your way up).  With the lacrosse ball situated on a “sticky” spot in your mid back place the weight on your chest (like a wheel) and now rotate your body left and right.  You will start to feel more motion in your mid back.  Continue throughout the rest of your mid back.

Strengthening/Stablization Exercises – If you take a look at several of the exercises we perform on a daily basis you will see that almost all of them require proper posture and a strong lower and mid back.

  • Brugger Exercises = these should be done 100 – 200 times a day.  It only takes about 2 seconds per rep so it’s not nearly as bad as it seems!    
  • GHD back extension = these are great not only for your lower back muscles but also for your mid back as well.   These should be done a few times a week.  Make sure you start with a number that is hard but not crazy.  Work up to a higher number when you feel comfortable.
    The mid back is very commonly forgotten about group of muscles that is of the utmost importance to not only having proper workout form but also proper posture.  Take some time to work on your muscles and range motion as it will help keep you injury free!