About CFS

At Crossfit Factory Square, our goal is to enable you to perform at your best. For some this may mean having more sustained energy throughout the day, losing body fat and/or life long health. For others, this may be important for athletic purposes and performance enhancement. Our programming is based on CrossFit methodology. This means we follow a program consisting of constantly varied, functional movements(like squatting, pushing, pulling,running), executed at high-intensity. With intensity we get better, gain results and accomplish goals unique to each individual. Intensity will NEVER trump form or technique with any given exercise.

We train in a fun,motivating and encouraging group setting. Every time you come to a class you will receive world class coaching. We will provide you with the most challenging and rewarding workouts you will ever come across. The workouts are great for those with little time and hectic schedules.

We have over 6000 square feet of free weights, rowing machines, gymnastic rings, kettlebells, wall climbing, rope climbing and more. Right outside our doors is the Farmington Running Trail. This provides us with a paved flat running route where we will have designated distance markers (400m, 800m, mile,etc.). 

Thank you for checking us out!  Hope to see you soon!