So I was surfing the web one day and came across this article on Jamie Hagiya. She a phenominal CrossFit Games Competitor from Southern California. She recently did an interview on her Instagram post about body image. She does not fit the stereotypical ideal CrossFit body structure, but she is still an athlete like all the other competitors. Her point during her post and interview was that you do not have to look a certain way in order to be the best. She eats to perform, plans her rest days and has many hours of training a day. As long as goals are being reached, keep striving for those goals. Don’t strive specifically for body image goals. If they are meant to be, then they will come with the training. Exercise performance and nutrition will guide the body to where it should be.


Jamie Hagiya can back squat 315 lbs., clean and jerk 235 lbs. over her head and flip monster truck tires like it’s nothing. But the CrossFit games athlete doesn’t have the ripped six-pack abs of her competitors – and she’s learned to accept it.

Hagiya, 31, who is preparing for the grueling CrossFit Games starting on July 19, posted on Instagram about how she overcame her body-image issues.

“My body does not look like all the other @crossfitgames female athletes with crazy ripped abs and zero body fat on their stomachs. I wish I could look like that, but I’ve come to the realization that this is my body,” she writes.
Hagiya, who placed fifth overall out of 40 women in the California CrossFit Regionals, explains that while her workouts and diet line up with her fellow competitors, her body doesn’t show muscles in the same way.

“I work my a– off in training everyday,” she says. “I eat clean for the most part, but am human and love to indulge in dessert every now and then. I’m in the best shape of my life and still don’t have a six pack. Not even close to a 4 lol.”

“Some of it is genetics and the other part is I could eat less calories to try to look like everyone else. But the bottom line is I need to eat to perform. I can’t worry about trying to look like a ‘Games’ athlete because having a six pack doesn’t always make for the best athlete.”

Now that Hagiya has a better outlook on her body.

“For anyone who thinks they need to look a certain way to be a Regionals or Games competitor, you don’t. Stay on the grind and keep doing you!”

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