Coach Justin

Coach Justin is in the house!  We will be adding two more classes starting next week, drum roll please… much request we will be adding a 6:30pm regular crossfit class Monday and Tuesday nights!  This is very exciting and a much needed class, coach Justin will be taking the lead in these classes. Again the new class times start next week so spread the word or post your comments here, we would love to hear from you.

Now it’s getting colder and colder outside and this seems to be the weather when most of us want something warm to drink! But let’s not forget to keep up our water intake.  Liquid math is your body weight x 0.5= the number ounces of water you should be drinking per day!  Hydration levels affect how fast you run, how much you lift and how you recover.  Spend the time to dial in your formula and make a conscience effort to get the right amount of ounces of H2o in.  Tomorrow’s PR starts with today’s water intake!