– I can’t help it, sometimes I look back at past blogs I’ve posted and find myself feeling the same way now as I did then. It’s like a record on repeat when I’m just trying to get to the next track, only things keep evolving (for the better thank goodness). With a bit of stubbornness and determination it’s truly amazing how simple something as a barbell and a few weights can change you . . . and I love it. Happy Reading! –


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Unfortunately every now and again we all have those days when we just aren’t feeling it. All you want to do is feel great and have never ending motivation but it just doesn’t seem to happen. Only thing is that you are not like other people who would give into temptation to sit home and do nothing. You are part of a rare breed whose dedication cannot be broken. No matter how much life gets in the way and you get off track of your training, you still always seem to find your way back to the box.

Some people go their entire lives and never know the feeling of the barbell. They never understand the relationships that we develop with it. The bar doesn’t care what kind of day you’ve had. Whether you’re feeling it or not, it’s always there for you no questions asked. To be able to let go of everything in your day and just have those few moments with the bar can be a beautiful thing for both the body and the mind.

However, to be honest the relationship with the bar isn’t always what gets me coming back. It’s more than just the workout or needing to get in some bar therapy. For me it is simple . . . it’s our community. There have been too many times in the last month where, between lack of motivation and increased stress, I have wanted nothing more than to skip class – only I don’t. Yes a hard workout makes me feel better, but it’s seeing the people who I know will make me feel better when the bar cannot that gets me back. I never realized how much I love and value working out with everyone till I’m having an off day.

Next time you are having one of those days and don’t want to do anything, do yourself a favor and come to Factory Square anyways. If the workout and barbell therapy doesn’t help you feel better, there will always be a smiling face waiting for you that will.