Sweet potato pancakes with blueberry coconut compote

You know I have to talk about Saturday.
What was your favorite part? Mine was witnessing so many athletes of that caliber in one place, the energy, being astounded at the amount of power being generated by these chicks that appeared so petite, and St. Onge’s beard.
It felt good to be home. Any nerves were basically gone as soon as you started loading your barbell…it was like auto-pilot “I do this all the time.” Makes me wonder if a comp anywhere else would be as great, if in my peripheral I didn’t see Roseanne, Bobby, and Matt walking around would nerves get me? If Jax and Heather and Shannon weren’t cheering me on would I have PR’d my power clean? I don’t know. What I do know is that I appreciate our box even more post comp. What a hard working crew. Thanks guys.
My other thought post comp is OH MAN, I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO. Humbling to see some of those performances! I love that feeling though, I even love when I’m running a 400 as fast as I can and Brittany runs past me while braiding her hair. Literally. She was braiding her hair when she passed me during Mondays WOD. I love that. I also love being coached. Example: yesterday Bobby pointed out that I was in a shrug from my first pull on my clean…so when I got the bar to my hips (and should be shrugging) I couldn’t because my dumb shoulders were already shrugged. I was losing major power taking the shrug out of the movement. I would have never known I was doing that. Don’t be afraid to ask your coaches to watch you, and point out where you can improve. At SCF we have coaches that truly want to help, utilize it.
That was a lot of “loving” things. I better balance it out with things I don’t love. I don’t love injuries, I don’t love how difficult it is for me to handle disappointing others (that just got deep), I don’t love double unders, I don’t love bone-in pork chops and will probably never post a recipe involving them…unless you want one…wouldn’t want to disappoint you. Hah.
For now here is a breakfast option…It’s tasty…and not too difficult. Toughest part of pancakes for me is getting the temp right in my pan.

For the Pancakes
1 sweet potato baked and skin removed
2 tbls of coconut flour
3 eggs
¼ cup coconut butter (I think you could sub in almond butter if you want)
½ banana mashed
½ cup of almond milk give or take
½ tsp baking soda
dash of vanilla extract
dash of cinnamon

For the Blueberry Coconut Compote
½ cup Fresh blueberries
1 tbls water
1 tbls maple syrup (or sweetener of your choice)
1 tbls coconut butter
shredded unsweetened coconut to garnish

Mix all your pancake ingredients together except your milk. Once they are thoroughly combined start slowly mixing in your almond milk. You want this batter to be thin enough to come off of a spoon but not nearly as thin as conventional pancakes. Heat your pan up and grease it with some coconut oil. I like to start with tiny pancakes using less than a ¼ cup of batter, pour it in and spread it out a little. I start small because if my pan ends up not being the right temp and they cook weird at least I didn’t waste a bunch of batter and I can tweak the heat level accordingly. When they start to steam a little and the edges are peeling up fairly easily with the spatula, flip em. Meanwhile in a small sauce pan over medium heat add all your compote ingredients. Stir, mashing some of the blueberries as they heat. Once it’s mixed and you have mashed your desired amount of blueberries turn the heat as low as possible to keep it warm while you finish your pancakes. Serve it up, pancakes topped with compote, sprinkled with coconut.