Holiday Schedule:
Sat 29th – 9:30am

Mon 31st – Last Class is 4:30pm

Tues 1st – 10am Class Only

For those of you I have not met, I am Brittany Decker :).. The past two years of my life have been pretty eventful… graduating college, getting my first “real” job at a TV station in CT, traveling around the US, to third world countries like Cambodia and Haiti and to beautiful places like France… Running my first marathon, becoming Miss Connecticut- hosting hundreds of events, fulfilling my dream of competing for Miss America LIVE on ABC, getting engaged, un-engaged, beginning school again for meteorology, and starting my new job at an ABC & Fox station in Massachusetts.
My everyday life is full of extreme highs and lows. I am constantly running from one place to the next and I have no time to sleep or really have any type of social life. (I am sure many of you feel the same way with how we live our stressful lives)… This is where Southington CrossFit comes in… it is the consistency in my life and the thing I look forward to most. The only place where I can trade my heels for sneakers, pull my hair back and put everything aside. Its a place where I can be competitive and push myself to the limit and at the same time, strangely enough, it is where I feel the most relaxed. 
Physically, CrossFit has changed my life. It has shown me that I do not need to go crazy and work out 2 hours every single day to see results (when that wasn’t working anyway). Even when I appeared to be in the best shape of my life wearing a swimsuit on a national stage… I feel even better and more strong now.
But it is SOUTHINGTON Crossfit that is so special. Everyone of you that I am surrounded with when I walk through the door inspire me everyday. The motivation, support, and positive energy is like nowhere else that I have ever been. And to Bobby, Matt, Shannon, Mike, Jon, Rosanne, & Justin.. you all make Southington CrossFit that special place that it is. I always leave feeling so great and with a smile on my face.  I cannot thank you enough for the way that you have impacted my life- you probably don’t even realize how much. I’m proud to be a part of Southington CrossFit and lucky to know all of you.  I hope to better myself each day that I come.