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With the Opens right around the corner – competition is about to be in full swing! This also typically means the ingestion of added supplements will also be in full swing, I mean if that Pre-Workout can help you get an edge on the workout why not?? This isn’t always the case. Everyone reacts to supplements differently and it’s important to cycle through things such a Pre-Workout.

For athlete’s interested in supplements, or for anyone looking to switch things up, here’s part 1 of an article found on the Barbell Shrugged website (you can read the entire article here). Happy Reading –

“A Quick Guide to Supplements”
By: Dr. Any Galpin

We get a lot of questions about supplements – What to take, how much and when? There’s so much information out there, it’s no wonder people find this topic confusing. So, we reached out to Dr. Andy Galpin, professor of sport science, for help. Andy, based on the available evidence, what should athletes consider taking on a daily basis and why?

The most important to remember is that food and sleep always take priority. You cannot use supplements to cancel-out poor rest and nutrition, it just doesn’t work. I wish it would! But supplements should be used as more like a dollop of hot sauce on top of your giant taco salad. You have to keep them supplemental. Get this business sorted out and you can think about what to take.

What are your goals?

The supplements you choose should be a direct reflection of your goals. I’ll use myself as an example. – I have no competitions coming up. I’m very happy with my current body composition, but I would like to drop about 3% body fat. I would also like to add about 3-5 pounds of muscle tissue, because as I’ve said before, building and maintaining healthy, functional muscle tissue is always important.

As far as training goes my strength is low at the moment. I’m also really focusing on improving my conditioning. However, longevity and lifelong health are still my priorities. That’s what drives my decision making when it comes to what does, or doesn’t, go into my body. HOW TO DECIDE Before you take it, do your homework. Answer some critical questions:

1. Is it safe? Honestly, if you have any doubts at all, don’t take it. That’s my best advice. You have to be comfortable with your decision. If the product is from an established and well reviewed company then chances are good that it’s fairly safe when used appropriately. But still, do your research. You can be sure that if the product seems suspect to you, then it most likely is.

2. Does it work? You have to be very careful when you do your research. That’s because almost EVERY SUPPLEMENT on the market is supported with research to show that it “works.” The real question is, what does “work” mean for you? Is it a 3% performance improvement over 8 months? …Maybe 5%? Think about this carefully. What kind of evidence is actually available? Specifically, was the research conducted in humans or animals? That matters a lot. Also, what was reported? Was performance actually measured in the study, or was it an arbitrary blood marker, or some other kind of secondary measure of “performance.” One final note: Even if there is a lot of evidence supporting a supplement, it still might not work for you. You must always carefully observe and record your experience.

3. Finally, is it worth the price? I don’t know what your monthly budget looks like, but for me, paying $500 a month for supplements that might improve my conditioning 2% over the next 8 months isn’t worth it. You have to think about your needs. For my professional fighters, I say go for it. When your livelihood is on the line in a sport like that then you MUST leverage every legal advantage. But you really should consider the cost if your only goal is doing better in the gym.

**To Read When/What He Takes Every Day – Please Refer to the Original Article**



This is an article re-post from Barbell Shrugged’s TechniqueWOD series.

Monday- How To Activate Your Glutes (Your Butt Muscles!) – TechniqueWOD (original article here)

This week on BarbellShrugged’s TECHNIQUEWOD, we are talking about glute activation. These simple warm-up drills will allow you to use your butt more effectively in the gym, which is an awesome way to quickly boost performance on squats, pulls, sprints, jumps and every movement in-between.

There are a few reasons why this is a great idea. 

First, no one wants an undersized, dysfunctional pancake ass, right? That’s an obvious enough cosmetic incentive. But there are real health and performance costs associated with poor glute activation.

The more quadriceps dominate you become, the greater your risk of knee and low back pain. Just consider what happens when the knees come crashing together during a squat. Primarily, the glutes are weak and cannot maintain external rotation of the hip, which is a big problem.

Even more to the point, you’ll never reach full strength if you can’t generate force rapidly all the way to terminal hip extension. This is the root cause of many hitched deadlifts, weak second pulls, and slow sprints. It’s also a fabulous way to strain synergistic muscle groups, like the groin and hamstrings, as they struggle to compensate for your lazy ***… tush.

Start your training here.

Here are some great warm-up exercises to try:

  1. Squeeze and hold your butt for sets of 4-5 seconds, then relax. Repeat that 5-10 times. This is the simplest way to potentiate the glutes and get them used to contracting before your heavy strength sets.
  2. Work the glute bridge, including single-legged and loaded variations. This is a simple, amazing exercise that you can do anywhere.
  3. The sprinter wall drill is amazing! Place your hands on a wall while you maintain an erect, slightly forward running position. Raise one knee high and hold it for 5 seconds, while you drive through the ball of your down foot. Don’t let your body round. Keep the back knee straight. Alternate legs for 3-5 sets. You will feel this working, no doubt.
  4. Banded pull-throughs are fantastic. Tie a light band around the very bottom of a power rack. Step over, grab the band, and step out and away from the rack with a slight forward lean. Now, simply perform a stiff-legged style deadlift to stretch the band and extend the hips. Keep your low back neutral. Pinch a penny at the top. You will definitely feel your rump working here.
  5. This is not a glute drill, but you want to couple these warm-up movements with a hip-flexor stretch. Try the world’s greatest stretch, or a couch stretch, both with and without band tension. It’s a must, especially if you are in the habit of sitting around too much during the day.

A final note. 

Remember, on these movements the goal is not to knock out lots of reps with heavy loads. Focus instead on squeezing and activating the right muscles through a full range of motion. Once you’ve got a great butt pump going, you’ll know you’re ready to train!


We are going to close the gym now until the 330 class, give the roads a chance to clear some more. We will reopen for the 3:30 class, stay safe everyone!!



Throwback to The Opens 2015. Meg Killing the Open WOD during Open Gym on Sundays.

**REMINDER – In the event that we actually get Winter Weather – Please be sure to check our website and Facebook for class cancelations. These notifications will NOT be posted on Wodify.**

From time to time there are things posted up on social media that I know some of our members may not get to see. Posts onto Facebook being a good example. With a few minor changes from how we did things last year, here’s a message from Rosanne that I would like to share with everyone who may not have had the chance to see this . . . .

The 2016 CrossFit Open is upon us and begins on February 25th. We encourage everyone to sign up! Go to and sign up under Crossfit Factory Square. When registering for the Opens, please include your affiliate name and ALSO your TEAM Name both need to be under Crossfit Factory Square. This time of year is very exciting at the gym, there’s a ton of ENERGY at the box each week, which gives us chills to watch! Each and every athlete can do these workouts so please sign up, you will be happy (and beyond proud of yourself) you did.

In the Open, athletes are given four days to perform the week’s workout and submit their scores. Each week athletes will be given two versions: Rx’d and Scaled. With reduced loading or less challenging movements, the Scaled option is designed to be accessible to the vast majority of athletes. Rx’d will challenge the world’s elite. Thursday’s the WOD is released, and you have until Monday at 8pm to enter your score. There are no exceptions to this deadline.

Five Weeks | Feb. 25 – March 28, 2016

This year we are going to do something a little different. Each Thursday when the workout is announced at 8pm, we will watch it at the gym and then two of our very own assigned coaches will go Head to Head that very NIGHT! We are also going to let athletes call out another athlete to perform the newly announced workout that night. We hope everyone will come down to the gym to watch the announcement of the workout and then watch our coaches and athletes perform!

Coaches going Head to Head
Week 1= 16.1: Feb. 25 – Mike DeAngelo and Jonathan Fortier
Week 2= 16.2: March 03 – James Bannon and Justin McEnroe
Week 3= 16.3: March 10 – Ivo Wesseling and Tony Ruggiero
Week 4= 16.4 March 17 – Tyler Diaz and Swayze Lama
Week 5= 16.5 March 24 – Ellie Cyr and Carly Lavoie



Monday Night Madness!!


10 Things You Should Never Say to a CrossFit Addict

“Aren’t you worried about getting bulky?”
No! This is the number one stupid thing you could say. Big weights do not automatically equal big muscles.
“Are you paleo?”
“Ugh, everyone who does CrossFit talks about it constantly.”
That’s because it’s amazing, duh! Do you want to be in the best shape of your life? Do you want to make new friends and have a built-in community that genuinely wants to see you succeed in all areas, not just at the gym? Do you like endorphins? Yep, thought so.
“It’s only for dudes.”
Um, no. Just… no.
“CrossFit seems like a really easy way to get hurt.”
It’s just as easy to get hurt doing any number of other activities. It’s all about being smart and knowing your limits.
What’s wrong with your hands?
Okay, yes, I have some blisters from doing pull-ups and toes to bar, and they’re kind of gross, but I earned them.
What’s up with that knee-high socks and booty shorts look?”  It’s a fashion statement. Plus, the socks protect your shins from the barbell during deadlifts and the shorts show off #squatbooty. It’s an outfit that’s both cute and functional.
“What’s a box?”  
CrossFitters are so cool that our gym has its own name. Deal with it.
“Are you competing in the CrossFit Games?” 
“Have you read that article about CrossFit in _____?”
Whether it’s positive or negative, reading one article about the sport doesn’t make you an expert. Head to a gym, try it out, and then let’s talk!
Have a great week everyone!
Dr. Meghan