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Hello CrossFit Factory Square!!
Mid September already?!!??!! A little chillier this week, but that smell of fall is unforgettable.  It reminds me of soccer when I played about 25 years ago!!  As the temperature drops we need to stay true to our pre-workout and mobility work on our joints.
I would be happy to write all of these steps out, but thought Mr. Starrett did a fine job in this 5 minute video.  The shoulder joint is so complex and its function is vital to most of the CF Wods.  Take the time to review this and practice this mobility WOD as often as you can.


Hello Factory Square Crossfit Families!
I realized a few weeks ago that my body, my workouts, my attitude needed more than an adjustment! So, I went through my bad habits and good habits, discarded what I needed, improved what I should have.
One thing I discarded was my old orthotics.  My body and workouts have been better…my attitude…well I am still working on it:)
What are “orthotics“?
Orthotics (orthoses) are specially-prepared foot supports. These anatomically molded devices, worn under the heel and arch of your foot to correct skeletal anomalies, do more than “support” your feet. They actually realign them to a natural, “neutral” position to relieve foot, let and back stress, increase endurance, restore critical balance, improve sports performance, alleviate foot fatigue and prevent a wide range of foot problems.
How do I know if I need orthotics?
You may need orthotics:
  1. If you participate in any activity that places stress on your feet and creates discomfort.
  2. If you have an obvious imbalance that causes such symptoms as flat or high arched feet.
  3. If you have external misalignments such as bow knees, knock knees, pigeon-toes, or “duck feet.”
  4. If you’ve already developed chronic foot problems, ranging from corns and calluses to arch pain and heel spur pain.  Also unresolved back, hip, and knee pain.
  5. If your job requires being on your feet for extended periods of time.
How can orthotics improve sports performance?
Athletics make demands on the feet not encountered in normal daily activity. Slight imbalances in the foot not dangerous or detectable under everyday circumstances may render you vulnerable to injury with the extra stress of sports activity. By eliminating the need for your muscles to compensate for these “hidden” imbalances, orthotics reduce fatigue and promote the kind of efficient “muscle memory” that’s crucial to outstanding performance. By aiding your control of foot movement, custom-fitted orthotics also maximize the biomechanical function not only of your feet but of your legs and torso, as well. The difference is often noticed almost immediately, giving you the kind of increased agility, balance, and sure-footed response you never knew were in you.
Orthotics can be that little something that can improve your quality of life.  Try over the counter brands first.  Custom orthotics are tailored for your specific foot and correction and are the optimal choice, but may be pricey.
Have a great week!!
Dr. Meg
McNicholas Family Chiropractic


Heat 1 on Labor Day – GREAT WORK EVERYONE!
ways to improve your back

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Your back is an intricate matrix of bones, muscles, nerves, and tissue that keep your body balanced, erect and functioning properly. It’s also the number one site for chronic pain. But, it can be prevented or controlled.
Keeping your back healthy means following steps that everyone should take toward overall health. There are lifestyle changes/choices that can help prevent and maintain good spinal health.
1. Ditch the stress and the smokes 
Because smoking decreases oxygen levels in the body needed for healthy bones and muscles, it can lead to disc and spine problems. Stress amplifies all symptoms. Stress and tobacco management techniques may help alleviate back pain.
2. Get sleep support 
While sleeping, your head, neck, and back should be in proper alignment. Make sure your pillow supports your head and neck.
3. Stand tall, sit up straight
You’ll look and feel more confident – and help your back – by practicing good posture. This means standing with your feet about shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, shoulders pulled up, and head centered over your shoulders with your chin up.
Sitting properly means keeping your feet flat on the floor; spine straight and supported against your chair; shoulders relaxed; and head upright, supported by the spine, not by the neck muscles. Ask your PR department (if you have one) to assess your work station.  Prevention is the key!
4. Strenghthen you core
Studies show that strengthening core muscles – muscles in the mid- and lower-back and stomach area – helps prevent and relieve back pain. Activities such as moderate weight or resistance training, yoga, Pilates, swimming, walking, and other low-impact aerobic exercises help strengthen the muscles around the back and help improve posture and prevent injury.
5. Lose the pounds
Extra weight can cause back stress and strain.
6. Stretch out / Roll out those muscles
Most bodily movements, like walking, picking up a telephone and looking both ways at an intersection, involve your back and neck. Regular, dedicated stretching throughout the day increases your mobility. And keeping your upper leg muscles limber helps reduce  pressure on the lower spine.
7. Let your legs do the lifting 
The old adage, “lift with your legs, not with your back” is timeless. A back belt can help improve your posture and lifting technique, but it will not enable you to lift more weight than you could without one. Proper lifting is essential for a healthy back.
8. Care for your feet
Back-healthy shoes are comfortable, supportive, and shockabsorbent (not hard-soled). Look for shoes that allow for good posture, and if you must wear high heels, wear them in moderation. Orthotics (insoles) may help to reduce back pain.  Custom orthotics may be a life saver. Ask your local Chiropractor or Podiatrist:)
If you ever have any questions about your back, your body, your aches and pains do not hesitate to ask! Have a happy and healthy week!!!
Dr. Meg
McNicholas Family Chiropractic


We have some NEW Tanks and Tee’s – Come Get Them While They Last!



The 2014 LuRong Living Paleo Challenge is for anyone with a heartbeat, who dares to think that they can improve and be better tomorrow than they are today.

Without Challenge there is No Change. The Challenge was developed to be just that: a challenge for a complete spectrum of people. We all have a different story, different skill levels, and various nutritional backgrounds. Knowing that we are a diverse community, the Challenge was built to accommodate anyone who is serious about their health or performance.

 The Challenge provides 10 WODS, each with 3 Skill Level options so you are sure to find a challenging workout that is appropriate for your experience level. That means if you are brand new to CrossFit, you will be fine and there is no need to be intimidated. This also means that if you were CrossFitting before there was a Reebok Nano, you will be physically challenged to reach the next level.

“Who doesn’t want to be in the best shape of their life? The 2014 LuRong Living Paleo Challenge is a great way to start the journey of good choices in health and body transformation.”– Lurong Living Ambassador, 3-Time Games Athlete, and Affiliate Owner Daniel Tyminski

Changing you dietary habits goes beyond looking better in the mirror. While that is a fine goal, there is more at stake than just your physical appearance. Every aspect of our health and performance is traced back to your diet. Taking part in the 8 week Challenge will not only give you the tips and resources to change your lifestyle, but it also gives your body a much needed ‘reset’ from all the processed foods, artificial ingredients, sugar, and junk that are staples of the modern American diet.

Taking proactive steps to your health now is an investment to your future and the future of your family. Last year we heard countless stories about how entire families were transformed due to just one person in the family participating in the Challenge. Results are contagious. If we are honest with ourselves, we know a change needs to be made. The problem is that we seldom know where to start.  Now you do. Start with the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge.

 If you still have some questions or doubts, here are some more thoughts to consider:

Think you are a fire breather? Challenge accepted and it is time to prove it to the nation. See how you match up. There are plenty of prizes awarded for performance.

Brand new to CrossFit or never tried it? No worries, we provide 3 skill levels for every Challenge Workout. Also the scoring system involves Diet, Performance, Body Composition Improvements (included body measurements and weight), Performance Improvement, and other components like tracking personal goals. It is really anybody’s crown to win.

Didn’t Paleo play Soccer? No we aren’t talking about the soccer star Pele. But if you are new to the Paleo diet that’s ok, we will provide education, tips, resources, and community support to help you make it through the challenge. You might even fall in love with real food for the first time.

Afraid of Commitment? Well, we can’t promise that this Challenge will be easy. In fact, it will be tough. Only the best things in life are worth fighting for, and we believe you and your health are worth fighting for.

Don’t believe change is possible? We don’t blame you if you have been discouraged by yo-yo dieting, or plans that never produced lasting results. The difference with this Challenge is that you will actually learn how to establish a new lifestyle, not just a phase diet. At the end of the Challenge our goal is for you to be better educated, equipped, encouraged, and inspired to keep the positive changes going. Remember, our system is proven to create results. Last year’s stats and testimonials are the evidence. In addition, when you stay dedicated to a strict Paleo Diet, you give your body a chance to reset and start clean from the years of junk that we have filled our bodies with. Finally, you don’t have to do this alone. Make sure you have the help of your fellow gym members and compete together.

What will my Non-CrossFit friends think? Don’t take this Challenge for someone else. Do it for you, because you deserve the opportunity to experience a better version of yourself.  Besides, what they think at the end of the challenge (once they see your results) is way more important than what they think now. You might be surprised at how much you will influence someone else’s life by being a living example.

Not sure if you are going to win any prizes? Well, that just wouldn’t be right. On top of having access to the entire Challenge Platform and experiencing improvements in your performance and body composition, everyone who competes will receive an Exclusive and Limited Edition Lurong Living Paleo Challenge T-Shirt. This will likely be your new favorite comfortable CrossFit T-shirt. Wear if proudly as a symbol of your accomplishment.

It is only when you exercise your right to choose that you can also exercise your right to change!


Oliver getting his calved stretched!!! OUCH!


7 Ways to Boost Your Endurance and Stamina

1. Combine strength days with cardio days.
It’s a simple equation: the more muscle you can get working, the more it will challenge your heart and your cardiovascular system. Instead of building cardio-only workouts (the pitfall that’ll prevent you from building endurance) make sure to weave strength days into your training. Most people reserve one day for strength and another day for cardio. Try combining the two instead……Crossfit!

2. Reduce your amount of rest.
Men typically give themselves between 30 and 90 seconds of recovery time in between sets, but if your goal is greater endurance, be prepared to sacrifice break time. By the end of your sets, your muscles should be burning—you should be breathing heavily and sweating. Only take a break when you physically have to…..Push it!

3. Do fast-paced, high-intensity lifting.
When you use weights at an extremely rapid pace, it will not only improve your strength, but also carry over to improve your endurance activity. It’s one of the best ways to ignite your metabolism. When people do an excessive amount of endurance-only training, they actually slow down their metabolism because it starts to eat away at your muscle tissue…….always keep good form!

4. Choose compound movements over isolation.
Compound moves that require using more than one joint—like squats, step-ups, push-ups and pull-ups—will improve your endurance more so than exercises in isolation. Isolated exercises like bicep curls and leg lifts aren’t going to stimulate you enough to increase your stamina…….Factory Square Crossfit RULES!

5. Remember: Routine is the enemy.
Switching up your workout is essential to building endurance and stamina. The human body gets used to a workout after two weeks. So if you’re always running, start doing yoga instead. You need to move the muscles in a different way so that you don’t develop overuse. Plus, it becomes more motivating and keeps the mind guessing……Pack your workout bag and show up!

6. Go for hybrid exercises.
A squat with an added overhead press (a “thruster”), jumping pull-ups, and lunges with bicep curls are all great hybrids: exercises that take two separate movements and combine them. The more muscles you can get working in a movement, the more it will stimulate your heart muscles, which in turn improves your stamina…….Crossfit favorites!

7. Add explosive movements to your workout.
Explosive movements that take a lot of energy challenge your strength, endurance and stamina simultaneously. Once you become more explosive, you’ll notice that you’ll actually start moving faster…Maintain focus and Kick Butt this week!

Let’s get it done.

Dr. Meg


Jimmy Hart – Doing his Muscle UP – YEAH BOY!!!!
Hi Factory Square Crossfit Family!!
So, I have been asked at least a dozen times this week about backpacks. I don’t want to remind anyone about the up and coming school year, but it is coming…..:)  Kids or no kids the way we carry our personal items can affect how we feel. From backpacks to purses to messenger bags. Here are a few tips.
Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes and when worn correctly can help minimize neck and back pain.
    1. Always wear the backpack on both shoulders so the weight is evenly distributed.
    2. Carry no more than 10%-15% of body weight in the pack.
    3. Look for packs with two wide, padded shoulder straps and a waist belt that buckles around them.
    4. Multiple compartments, which can help distribute the weight more evenly.
    5. Look for a sturdy yet lightweight pack.
    6. Tighten the straps so the pack fits closely to the body.  The pack should rest evenly in the middle of the back and not sag down to the buttocks.
Encourage kids to use their locker or desk frequently throughout the day. Maybe we can encourage schools to increase time between classes for this reason.  I have often recommended packs on wheels, but was sadly informed that was not cool……and some schools don’t allow them because they can pose a tripping hazard in the halls.
Men and women of all ages….lighten the load in your purses, satchels, messenger bags, and fanny packs!  Those of us that wear our wallets, cell phones, keys, etc. in our back pockets…STOP. Put them in your front pocket or put it in your already light bag of choice.  Sitting on these belongings absolutely throw your pelvis (for starters) off.
Hope this helps! Happy summer!
Dr. Meg
McNicholas Family Chiropractic