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It’s been a really long time since I expressed my deep appreciation for this place and the people in it.
I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude as I was leaving the box today. It could have been that I was WOD drunk… but I think it was actually more of the super positive vibe. It’s not like I PR’d something and was high off of that or anything, it was just a good day. Nice weather, and interaction with people who are happy, positive, supportive and generally down to have a good time.
I saw the inclusiveness that this breeds.  No one seems out of place.
From the crazy naturally athletic folks to those of us who struggle with the warm-up, from the high-school students to the people pushing 70… everyone “belongs”. Everyone gets the cheers, the encouragement from our coaches mid-wod and of course the banging workout that they came for in the first place.
I know every person that wants to get healthy and so joins a gym doesn’t necessarily get to experience this. So I’m expressing my gratitude that I do.
My gratitude to every person, coach and member alike that contribute to making our box what it is.
Thank you.
In further expression of my appreciation I will share this enchilada recipe….
This is basically a mash up of a few recipes from a few incredibly talented paleo bloggers.

For the tortillas:
For the chicken:
Then to top it off use this tasty dressing:
There is simply no reason to fix what isn’t broken.
These components are absolutely perfect to make delicious enchiladas so instead of rewriting all these folks recipes I figured links would be more convenient… plus it gives you an opportunity to peruse their other creations and get inspired. Eat up!!