Workout 1:  15 minute time cap.  2 scored lifts.

1A)  7 minutes: establish a 1-rep max clean.

1B)  8 minutes: establish a 5-rep max backsquat.

notes: clean can be any style(power, squat, split, muscle,etc.). You will have 2 empty barbells set up. One on the floor for the clean portion. One on your designated rack for the back squat portion. You cannot start the back squat portion of the event until the 7 minute mark. For the 5-rep back squat: once you take the bar off the rack, you have 30 seconds to do the 5-reps.  

Workout 2:  15 minute time cap.   2 scored ‘amraps’.

2A)  5 minutes: 400m sprint, 10 deadlifts 275/175, 10 hspus(Fem- 1 abmat)

– sprint the 400m, then in remaining time, do as many reps as possible of 10 deadlifts/10 hspus, going back and forth within that set structure.
– example- 400m sprint, 10 deadlifts,10 hspus,10 deadlifts,10 hspus,10 deadlifts,8 hspus. Score= 58 reps.  Huge cash prize for anyone who gets 100 reps. 

-rest 5 minutes

2B)  5 minutes:  40 thrusters 95/65, 30 pullups, amrap double unders.

– bonus reps: 25 reps added to your score if you do the 40 thrusters unbroken
– bonus reps: 15 reps added to your score if you do the 30 pullups unbroken.
Example Score= 40 thrusters(unbroken,+25), 30 pullups(not unbroken,0), 53 double unders. Total Score=  148 reps.

Workout 3:  13 minute time cap. 2 scored ‘time events’. 

3A)  8 minute time cap:  21/18/15/12/9  burpees/kettlebell swings 53/35

– Workout ends at the 8 minute mark. Reps not completed are added to your final time score. Example Score= you don’t finish the last set of 9 burpees/ 9 swings within the 8 minutes: Score will be 8:00 plus 18(reps you didn’t complete)= 8:18.

-rest 2 minutes

3B)  600m row for time.

Workout 4:  Final workout. 3 scored events. 28 total minutes. 3 minute built in rest period. Top 20%(appx) of athletes in each division will move on to this Final. 
-details will be released on game day.
-expect to see: a run, escalating olympic lift ladder, unilateral leg strength component(lunge, pistol,etc.), gymnastic movement, and a complete annihilation at the end, for distance. 

Scaled Division:

Workout 1: exact same as RX.
Workout 2: exact same time structure, score structure, no bonus points.
2a) 400m sprint, 10 deadlifts 225/155, 10 hand release pushups
2b) 40 thrusters 75/55, 30 knees to elbows, amrap double unders
Workout 3: exact same as RX.  

– a detailed list of the specific movement standards will be emailed to all the athletes.

Going forward, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me directly at  Thanks. Looking forward to seeing all you amazing athletes put on a great show the 19th.