1. CrossFit turns you into a Beefcake: The average person does  CrossFit for about an hour, three times a week, so i assure you that its takes more than that to add  a lot of bulkiness. And ladies! If you are worried about your muscles getting too big, its ok because bulking up is about testosterone production and we dont have enough.
  2. You’re gonna puke, pass out or die after every wod: Although most of the wods seem like you will puke or die, once you learn how to gauge your intensity it gets a little better. At first it will take a little while for your body to get used to it, so give it a few to figure out pacing.
  3. You will get hurt: With any activity there is always risk of injury. CrossFit is set up to mimic everyday movements. Just remember to always listen to your body and learn form before adding weight.
  4.  You must be competitive: No you do not have to wear your game face for every workout. you can be as competitive as you want. Sometimes is just walking into the gym and showing up is the success for your day. Its all about making fitness fun!
  5. Every Crossfitter you meet is paleo: Many Crossfitters may have tried paleo at some point and it may actually work for some people. However, Paleo is a very low carb diet and we burn carbs as our first  fuel source. Therefore, it may not be realistic for all CrossFitters.
  6. Only former athletes CrossFit: ANYONE can CrossFit!! Thats what makes CrossFit so fun! we have a great variety of people full of encouragement.

Comment below for any other fact/fiction you have come across.