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First and foremost – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!  Take this day to rest, refuel and recover.

Injury prevention is a key for anyone participating in a high level fitness program including CrossFit.  One of the best ways to derail a workout program is by getting hurt.  Not only does getting hurt affect your routine but it also affects you mentally – so preventing injuries should be something that is always on your mind and should be part of your daily routine.
            There are a few basics that everyone should make part of their daily workout to try and prevent as many injuries as possible.  The first two items are the most obvious but also some of the most commonly forgotten.  A proper warm-up and cool down are vital components of any good injury prevention program.  For those of you know my warming up is definitely not one of the my favorite things in the world but something I still do simply because I know that if I don’t I am more likely to get injured.  The after workout cool down is just as important.  One of the worst things to do is go from a really hard workout to sitting in your car for 5-15 minutes without cooling down.  This is just asking for your muscles to get tight and stiff. 
The coaches at the gym do a great job with the warm-up but the cool down is going to rest on your shoulders.  Start putting together a routine that you can do every day depending on the workout.  This should include some static stretching, foam rolling and a little dynamic stretching.  You will begin to see a huge change in your muscle stiffness and tightness after only a few days of incorporating a post-workout cool routine.
So we have touched on what you can do before and after your workout but what about the workouts themselves.  One of the best ways to prevent injuries is by performing each lift correctly with perfect form.  This is where our great coaches come into play.  If you are not sure how to perform each lift correctly don’t be afraid to ask as they are more than willing to help.  Also in this category is not trying to lift more than you are able to while still keeping proper form.  A common way to injure yourself is to try and lift more weight than you should.  All this does is creates a movement pattern that your body is not able to perform resulting in juries.  First focus on mastering proper technique then you can work on increasing your weight.  Again with any questions regarding proper form or how much weight to use just ask one of your coaches.
An often forgotten about part of injury prevention is proper nutrition and proper sleep.  Your body is designed to use foods as not only fuel to keep your body moving but also as building blocks to recover after a hard workout.  If you are providing your body the wrong kinds of foods (junk foods, processed foods and excess added sugars) your body will not have the required nutrients to repair those “damaged” muscles after each workout.  This will no doubt lead to increased injuries.  Sleep is also very commonly overlooked. 
What is enough sleep?  The amount of sleep that someone requires varies from person to person but is generally described as 6-8 hours.  Proper sleep is required not only to allow your body to recover from the previous workout but also to get you ready for the upcoming workout.  If you have ever had a real crappy night’s sleep and then tried to workout the next day you know exactly what I am talking about.
From now on start focusing on those things you can do to prevent injuries from occurring so that you have to worry about what to do when you get injured!!