Comp update:
Day of competition:
Parking: tons. You can park in any parking spot on the west center st side of our building(big lot) or the center st. side of our building. You can park in the empty iron forgin lot across street, anywhere along the trail(50-60 parking spots), across the street in the mafia restaurant parking lot, or anywhere on the sides of the street. We will have a couple volunteers freezing outside to help you if you need it. 
8 am: athletes can start to register and check-in.
8:30 am: athlete briefing. Not mandatory. If your in a heat that doesn’t kick off until 10 am(females) or 11 am or so(male scaled), come whenever you want. You don’t have to come register at 8 am, then sit around going crazy for 3 hours. 
9:00 am sharp: Heat 1 kicks off. 

Below is the Final Heat Roster and also the Final Judges Roster – if you have any questions please contact Matt at



Score Board is Ready!!!