Fitness trackers are becoming more and more popular. They are a great way to pay attention to how much activity you may be getting throughout your day. Many keep track of steps, time, calories, heart rate, sleep etc. Also, most of the new trackers even have smart-watch like features, like text messages, email and music. With so many wonderful brands out there, here are a few tips when choosing the tracker/watch that is best for you.

  1. Get something that looks and feels good: no matter if the tracker measures your sleep quality or calories, you want to buy something that has a design you’re drawn too. You may even want to consider spending a few more dollars on a device that’s more attractive so you don’t feel miserable wearing it.
  2. Get something that Syncs Automatically: You want to be able to just put the device on and go. No one wants to have a ritual of plugging in with a USB cord and waiting for information to load.
  3. Get something that works with your device(s): You always want to double-check that your new tracker is compatible with your phone, tablet or computer. Not every tracker/watch will work with every device.
  4. Get something that works for you: You don’t want to buy a tracker that doesn’t have everything you need. I wanted something that had the time, date, miles, steps, and heart rate. Many trackers did not have all of the things on my check list, so I had to do a lot of digging. Never settle for a product that you are not compatible with because they may limit your desire to use it.