And they are done!

John double kettlebelling it – Nice!


Welcome to February Everyone – Only 48 days until Spring!!  And only 38 days until we turn our clocks forward for more daylight hours!  YES!!!!! I love spring – we can start the running on the trail, the flowers come up, the crisp smell in the air, t-shirts are on (suns out guns are out people)  Now is the time to ramp up – not only for the regionals but for the SUN!  So Matt you only have 48 days until you can open all the windows – wait NO that means the pollen will be out, sorry!haha

Some updates –

 – We are thinking of adding a Sunday AM Stretching class – let us know if you are interested?
 – We just placed an equipment order, yeah buddy, prepare for some new toys!!!! 
 – Dont be alarmed if you see Matt walking around the gym in his new uni-tard, he may be testing it out for his Oly Comp!
  – Register for Regionals at