If I was an animal I’d be a bull I think.
Still reading? Thanks. What I mean is if something requires finesse I will not be adept at it. But if will is a factor there is a good chance I can push my way through. Bulls don’t seem very patient and are not in the habit of taking time to think things through. That translates to a negative quality in training. True, having a “never back down from a challenge” streak in your personality can be good for getting you out of your comfort zone and trying new things. My problem, as a bull, is charging into everything head first with almost no restraint. My first and strongest impulse when I’m lifting is to go as heavy as I can…heavier than the last time…even with poor form. This is bad…stupid bull. You can only muscle through bad form to a point. The obvious problem is that you are risking significant injury.  But also, you jeopardize your ability to improve. You will get to a point when you can’t muscle through it, all the mental fortitude in the world can’t move those weights because you didn’t take the time to properly train your body to back up your indomitable will. That’s scary. Makes the hair on my chest stand up…I mean neck…gross. To cheat yourself out of improving because you didn’t slow down and work on your form would be tragic. In an effort to avoid this I’m going to tame my bull side, and try to focus on form. I’m going to try to be more like a fox, smart… and good looking.
Bottom line, don’t sell your ability short by cutting corners on form. Since this is a weakness of mine I take major comfort in the fact that we have helpful, knowledgeable, coaches to work with every day that are sincerely interested in helping us improve.
Is everyone registered for the open??
I thought I’d upload a pic for my profile on there, one of me doing pull-ups, my arms look like they are the length of my entire body. It looks like an orangutan registered for the open.  Maybe I’m not a bull…are orangutans headstrong? We have a love for fruit in common too. How did I not notice these similarities before?? 
Here is a recipe for a quick, fairly healthy, green breakfast smoothie. It is lacking in protein but you could eat a couple eggs on the side or add some protein powder if you’re into that, vanilla would probably work best.

1 cup frozen pineapple
½ of an avocado
handful of frozen spinach
½  of a ripe banana
2/3 cup of ice (give or take)
1 cup water (also give or take)
1 tbls flaxseed meal
juice from half a lime

Take a deep breath, are you ready for these directions? Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend. Done.
I say “give or take” on the water and ice because I don’t measure those things and because it depends on how thick you like your smoothie. If you’re feeling like this isn’t sweet enough you could blend in a bit of agave nectar or something. I didn’t add any sweetener and even the kids pounded it.