Look at this Rockstar – I love her!  You go Stephanie…

Meg putting everything out there – we know the straps are blocking the weights but there are 45’s on there

Reasons strength training for weight loss trumps steady state cardio exercise:

  • · Working out with weights increases lean muscle tissue. The more lean muscle tissue that you have, the faster your resting metabolism. Resting metabolic rate is how much energy one’s body requires just to function.
  • · Vigorous strength workouts increase production of two key fat-burning hormones: growth hormone and testosterone.
  • · Intense training with weights recruits more fast twitch muscle fiber than do lengthy, steady paced cardio sessions, which rely mostly on slow twitch fiber. Fast twitch fiber requires more calories to function.
  • · Lifting weights shapes and “hardens” the body, creating the illusion that more fat was lost than what actually shows on the scale. Tight, toned muscle takes up less space than does loose, flabby muscle!