After the Comp a couple people came up to me and said “I know what I have to work on….its my squat clean” so I was telling this to Coach Justin and he was able to do a little write up for us – thanks so much Justin!


The squat clean is the most effective way to lift a heavy load from the floor to your shoulders. If you can Front squat the weight you are attempting for you clean you should be able to Squat clean that load, much easier than attempting that same load in a high catch. The reason for this is because you don’t need to pull the bar up to your shoulders; instead the bar only needs to come about waist or belly button height before being able to rest on the shoulders. Here’s how it’s done. 

  • The Setup – Approach the bar, Your feet should be about shoulder width, toes under the bar, Shins touching or VERY close to touching the bar, Knees are bent and siting behind, NOT OVER, the toes. Your weight is rested through the Heels and bottoms of the feet, toes are floating(you can wiggle them).Hook grip the bar and lift your chest up dropping your hips below the height of your shoulders but higher than that of your knees. Back is FLAT! 
  • THE LIFT OFF – No Jerking here! Stay tight, don’t bend your arms! Drive through the bottom of your feet, Keeping your back flat and midline stable. Knees will extend first and the angle of your back should not change while the bar is moving up the shins. When the bar reaches knee height finish knee extension while violently pushing you pelvis forward, firing all muscles in the posterior chain into full hip and knee extension. At this point your shoulders are shrugged and you are as high up on your toes as you can go. (picture jumping from a crouched position)
  • GET DOWN – Notice we haven’t bent at the elbows yet. Here’s why. With the above action on a heavy load the lifter generates enough power to bring the bar to waist height.  The rest involves Pulling your own Body under that weight. So now that we have reached full extension and the bar is waist height, The heels slam back to the floor (feet may  come off the floor and/or move out SLIGHTLY) arms bend, knees and hips bend. You are pulling yourself UNDER the load. The bar sits at zero gravity for only a moment; this must be done extremely fast and without hesitation. Keep your hips under you, regain midline stability, and don’t arch you back! Drive the elbows under the bar rapidly and catch the bar on your shoulders.
  • FRONT SQUAT – If you preformed the top movement correctly you should now be in a deep front squat with the weight in a from rack position, ELBOWS UP, CHEST UP! Drive through the Heels and maintain your midline throughout the squat. Keep your ELBOWS UP, pushing them to the roof. Track your knees over the toes. Don’t let your legs buckle, push the knees out.
  • FINISH – Move into full extension in a controlled movement with the bar rested securely across your shoulders. NICE JOB! This one is guaranteed to get us some new PR’s. Good luck guys, hope this helps! – COACH JUSTIN