keep moving

No matter how carefully we train, there are always moments where injury can occur. We can be the most careful athlete, but its unfortunately bound to happen at some point. So when injury occurs, you have two options. 1. Keep taking rest days until the injury heels. or 2. find other ways to keep moving. If you choose option one, you will be most likely be loosing out on a great opportunity of gains. If you choose option 2, you have chosen the golden ticket. By continuing to train while injured, you gain the opportunity to work on other weaknesses. You can work with those small muscles that you may not normally focus on and those lagging that you can never seem to get the hang of.  You can modify the workout to create new strengths. Try working around your injury, not through it. By choosing to continue training while injured, don’t take a few pain killers to power through. Give your muscle time to heal and find an alternative. CrossFit is pretty good at finding modifications for everything.