It’s happened to me every year since July 2012. I suddenly can’t focus on anything at work. I can only leave my desk/couch/living room as far as the wifi will take me. I become seriously anti-social. Distracted. I don’t give a flying medball about what’s going on around me. Utter and complete fog. Yet somehow, in between staring at a screen in a comatose state, I find myself enthusiastically wanting to do otherwise difficult & taxing things like climb ropes, do burpees and run 5 miles through the woods.

It last for about 5 days. The ‘wanting to work out more’ thing generally lasts for an additional 7-14 days.

So what is this annual phenomenon? I’ve got a fever. Games fever. CrossFit Games Fever.

Each and every summer in late July, the annual CrossFit Games are held, bringing together the fittest individuals, masters (and now teens) for a weekend-long throwdown which has turned into quite the test of strength, endurance and mental fortitude necessary to not break down and cry mid-WOD.

For those of you who are still new to the CF thing, 2016 is the 10th Annual CrossFit Games, and they kicked off yesterday with a surprise trip to Aromas, CA (home of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd CFG) for the individual competitors.

Their weekend began with a 7k Trail Run, a Deadlift Ladder and a Mini Chipper consisting of Wall Balls, GHD Medball Situps and an uphill sprint with that evil ball in hand. As predicted, suddenly *I* wanted to do a 7k trail run and wall balls. If you know me, I NEVER want to do wall balls.

People who aren’t into CrossFit will look at you sideways and wonder why you’re poring over your phone to watch others exercise. Haters will complain about the lesser-quality Facebook Live stream that brought us an inside look into Aromas yesterday, expecting some shiny glitzy Super Bowl-caliber broadcast. I love watching the Games every year, and I loved yesterday’s coverage. No spectators were allowed on site, and it helped for us newer adopters of CrossFit to get a feel of how far the Games have come from their humble beginnings back in 2007.

Seeing the Games on ESPN in 2012 are what drove me to finally get over my intimidation factor and give CrossFit a try. Like a super nerd, I actually flew out to Carson on a whim last year to watch the Games in person, and it is quite the sight to behold. Safe to say I’m a bit giddier than most when Games time rolls around.

For the magnitude and international recognition the Games has reached, it’s still one of my favorite events to watch all year, because the athletes are RELATABLE PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME. Sure, there are the Mat Frasers and Annie Thorisdottirs who make a career out of training. But then you have people like Brent Fikowski (the Mini Ranch Chipper’s 1st place finisher yesterdat) who has a full-time job. JUST LIKE YOU AND ME.

So yeah, if anyone thinks you’re sick in the head for wanting to spend all weekend watching the CrossFit Games, tell them you are sick. You do have a fever. You’ve got Games Fever, and the only prescription is MORE CROSSFIT!