1) This here is Butchy Bugsbee. He started with us in early May. He was home for the summer. He spends most of the year in the woods, (somewhere in the middle of nowhere, think he said Idaho. Wherever the hell that is) hunting and digging for gold. The first day he worked out he said, “I’m no young buck(he’s 62), and I’ve had multiple knee surgeries(2 full knee replacements) over the years so I can’t do any squatting or anything like that.” And indeed, at that point he couldn’t squat. At all. Trainwreck. But we kept working with him, modifying workouts and movements, while not directly doing any squatting. And he would religiously show up 3x a week at the 12:30 class. So, one thing led to another and the picture below was taken last week. Butchy squatting 200 pounds to proper depth, with pretty damn good form! Thanks for sticking with it Butchy. That’s quite a remarkable job on your part. Along with the other usual ham-and-eggers at the 12:30 class, we wanna tell you how much we will miss you and your bandanas. And FYI- never show up at his house unannounced. Never.

2) Lloyd, Rob, James and Todd did there first bar muscleups.

3) Megan G. Bench pressed 150/1. Pr.

4) Big Matt got the gym’s first 500lb deadlift. This guy has come a long way in tightening up his form. No telling how much he will be lifting if he keeps going the way he’s going.

5) Cait got a 175 lb back squat! She may be the first female in the gym to hit a 200 lb back squat.

6) Amy and Todd ran a 5k road race in early July. Todd ran a 20 minute flat race and was top 10 in his division out of over 3000 runners. And Amy ran a sub 27 minute 5k, which is remarkable considering she never came close to finishing a 5k in under 33 minutes.

7) Chris Fields ran a sub 13 minute 3000m. Afterwards he said, “holy sh-t.”

8) Congratulations to John G. (aka El Conquistador). He is now vice president of the very elite and prestigious “I’ve completely lost my mind club”. Way to go!


9) Oh, I forget to write what Chris Fields said after he said, “holy sh-t.” He said, “that’s the fastest I have run in 12 years.”

10) Dr. Andy Hawley will be having office hours at our box Saturday mornings from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm starting August 4.He specializes in Art(Active Release Technique) and is the only Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician in town. A huge part of Crossfit involves having both hip and shoulder mobility and stability. ART work is highly effective at keeping your hips and shoulders strong, stable and firing on all cylinders. It also improves your post-workout recovery time.

CrossFit Total:
855: James
855: Matt
835: Chris Fields
810: Jeans
805: El Conquistador
775: Andy Hawley
765: Isaiah, 6 am John
755: Tony
750: Tom
745: Rob
730: John O.
400: Daneil, Cait
390: Angela
385: Brittney
360: Cristina, Wendy, Megan
335: 6 am Barb

Power Clean PR’S:
90: Pam, Marlis, Cristina
120: Megan G.
165: Johnny Cupcakes 2010, Jim D.
175: Andy Lee, Chris Frey, Angelo, Ray Guy
180: Butchy, Ken K.
195: John O.
205: Isaiah, Lloyd, Chris Fields, Tony
215: Rob
235: Justin
255: Matt

Grace times:
4:40- Lloyd (135)
4:28- Megan G, (85)
4:25- Taylor (85)
4:22- Rob (135)
4:15- Pam (65), 6 am John (115)
4:10- Rick- (135)
3:51- Stephanie
3:49- Chris Fields (135)
3:46- Brittney (55)
3:45- Roseanne (75)
3:43- Isaiah (115)
3:40- Cristina (65)
3:31- Tony (135)
3:28- James (135)
3:15- Marikate (65)
2:41- Matt (135)

Mile run:
5:43- Rick
6:30- Rob, Amy C.
6:51- Johnny O.
6:58- Tony
6:59- James
7:11- Marlis
7:20- Holly
7:25- Gary
7:31- Pam Lopa
7:32- Pam Swain, Stephanie
7:34- Jeans
7:39- Scott
7:45- Brittney
7:46- Angelo, Gina
7:51- Cristina
8:55- Jessica….huge number here. In April she ran a 13 minute mile. Now down below 9 minutes!