At the close of the 2016 Crossfit Open at 8 PM on March, 28th… we can all let out a collective sigh of relief.  No more anxiously waiting to see what torture we will endure.  No more planning out weekends around being able to repeat a WOD in hopes of doing better.  Not until next year when we eagerly do it all again = ).

Over the past 5 weeks there have been some true tests of endurance, skill, strength, speed and most of all mental toughness.  At the close of the Leaderboard Monday night- spend some time reflecting on your performance.  Crossfit is great for fitness, but also pretty awesome for goal setting and actually being able to track and measure personal improvement.  Now that you’ve pushed to the edge and have done more than you may have expected of yourself, keep the ball rolling! If you got your first bar MUP or HSPU- keep practicing! If you did your first set of RX workouts- do more!  If you were frustrated at your double unders, ask around on what to do to improve.

And if you still aren’t sure how to lock a bar overhead when your doing a 20 min AMRAP, here’s a little clip to help out.