So what does Southington Crossfit mean to you?  I’ve asked myself this question a number of times the past couple weeks. Why?  Not sure. But it’s fun to sit back and recall the many great memories that I’ve already etched  in my brain for life. I remember the first day walking in to the empty building and listening to Matt, Bobby and Rosanne’s vision of what SCF would look like and become. I remember coming back a couple weeks later and seeing it all come to light. The 2011 Crossfit Open WODs were the first workouts I ever did at the box.  That was fun…Ha. When I was asked to be a coach, I remember wondering why I was agreeing to be there at 4:30am two mornings a week to teach. Crazy at the time but I quickly realized getting up hours before the sun wasn’t as difficult as I thought when you love the reason for doing it. A few other memories that come to mind are the emotions I felt when leading the class through “Victoria”, and the energy from “Santora”. The many people I met who’s names I couldn’t remember at first but are now considered great friends. Another awesome memory that didn’t actually happen in the box but still the same was competing in my first partner comp at Crossfit Ironwill with Jon and feeling the pride to wear our SCF gear on the podium. Can’t forget our first in-house throwdown, Hope, Barbells for Boobs and of course the Fittest, Fastest, Freakiest comp.  Don’t think I’ll forget that one for a while. Still repeatedly say 3…2…1… GO! over and over in my sleep. Those are just some of my great memories from the past year. I know I’ll have many more and because of that the excitement I get when walking through that door will always remain (even if it is 4:30am). Southington Crossfit to me is friends, community, and witnessing people become fitter than they were when they walked in. It’s knowing the positive impact left on my children because at age 3 and 18 months they would rather go there then McDonalds. And the confidence, strength and love for the sport it has given my wife. To me Southington Crossfit means a lot!  A real lot. What does it mean to you?
Coach Mike