Strict pull ups are a staple strength move and worth their weight in the Crossfit world.  The ability to strict pull up means strong, stable shoulders that can with stand a kip, butterfly and over head movements in general. Here’s a few tips to get you strict.

1. Work Mobility

Being able to maintain  a proper overhead position means that you have the shoulder stability necessary for the strict pull up.  Active shoulders are necessary for the overhead lifts, as well as the dead hang.  Once you are able to dead hang with active shoulder, THEN you can start working on the pull up.  Get there by working on grip strength with farmers carries and pulling strength with bent over rows (ACCESSORY WORK?!)

2. Get Some Hang Time

Yup, just dead hang with active shoulders! This will build that static strength!

3. Avoid Over doing the Jumping and Rubber Bands

If you are using bands for metcons…. DO NOT KIP.  Kipping may increase your cardio during the WOD and cut your time, but it is not helping you gain strength.  If your goal is to one day break up with the bands, control your movement.

4. Build Strength

Ring row and negative pull ups will get you there.  Preform the ring rows through the whole range of motion for the full effects.  Negative pull ups will leave you sore, so building in your sets is ok.

5. Eyes on the prize.

Keep your goals in mind and resist temptation to cheat!

6. Resist the Kip

If you can’t do 5 strict pull ups, don’t kip. Or at least, keep in mind that the more strict pull ups you can do, the better your kipping will become and the risk of shoulder injury will decrease.

7. Climb a Rope

Climb!  Even if it is the seated-to-standing version.  As long as you are using your arms to pull yourself up, it will build up the strength you need! Just remember to have active shoulders.