Brittany, Steph Howard, Pam swain, Gina Breen, tony Ruggiero, Jim hart and Mike (and Udaman) 
Congrats guys on doing the castle run Sunday AM – it must have been what? 10 degrees outside – great job to all!


Coach Mike’s Father – Nelson DeAngelo, AKA, “Our Number 1 go to Guy, to have something fixed or built in the box” – We thank you for saving lives in the town of Southington but also thank you for the overwhelming spirit of giving and helping others, we also would like to thank you for all the help you have giving us at Southington Crossfit and for also giving us “Coach Mike” because that chip never fell off the old block, thanks Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world may never see speed, power and explosiveness like this again. 


This is vargochav warming up in 1978. he’s the sweaty one in white trunks.