Going into the Opens this week (did you sign up yet?!), many Crossfit Factory Square athletes participated in one last competition before taking on the world.  Two of those athletes were our own CFFS kids Mario and Matt.

“Matt hit that last clean after getting contorted by the two previous misses, the first words out of his mouth were “that’s a PR!” The crowd exploded when he hit it. One of my proudest moments. Mario of course was a true diplomat, making friends with everyone he encountered, even the policeman! On the last event it was great to see Mario go all out on the last row. He dug deep and gave it everything for his team. The boys represented Factory Square and all that we stand for.”  -Coach James

It was great to watch these two throw down and do well!

If you do Crossfit, there is definitely a move you are chasing after.   This past weekend I was able to attend a clinic with some other CFFS coaches and athletes.  The big take away of the day was- fundamentals and flexibility will make or break you.  We didn’t lift more than a light warm up weight or do more than maybe 20 pull ups- but we sure as heck worked on positions and control.  Many times the limiting factor is our flexibility or our foundation- I personally discovered that I have been doing muscle ups completely wrong for 2 years.  Why? I worked on getting them before I worked on HOW to get them.  I just found something that worked- an inefficient, energy expending way that “works”- and never practiced the fundamentals to improve them.  Now, I’ve got a lot of fixing to do.   One of the key drills we worked with is hollow rocks- SURPRISE! They aren’t just a evil core workout.  Along with the superman position, the hollow rock position has a very important place in learning to kip efficiently.

It might seem like the slow road, but all the small drills and progressions are the better road to being, well, better.  But you have to pay attention to what you are doing.  Just going through the motions wont get you anywhere.  If you begin to really pay attention to where your hands are, where your feet are, or what your hips are doing you can begin to make small fixes towards the goal.


Matt in the clean ladder.


Mario in the clean ladder.