“Cindy is so easy.” “I hate Karen.” “Why do we always see Grace and Isabelle together?” “Oh, Fran will be there? I’M NOT GOING.” “Where has Diane been and who is Lynne?”

No, I’m not gossiping about the awesome ladies of our box.  I’m talking about The Girls of Crossfit.  The benchmark WODS named after women that knock you on your bum.  We’ve seen many but there are still more to try! A way to track your abilities, The Girls are designed to test you your speed, strength, stamina and mental toughess.

Check out the chart below for some of The Girls!


Created by East Dallas Crossfit

Created by East Dallas Crossfit.  Weights are listed as men’s RX.  The men/women weights are typically 135/95, 95/65, 225/150, 20/14