When people think “CrossFit”, they generally think of the people they see on TV. They are young, extremely fit athletes who eat healthy all the time and training is life. People assume CrossFit is all about flipping tires and eating Paleo. However, CrossFit has another side as well. It’s an activity that all ages can do. I was thinking about my grandfather as a CrossFit athlete tonight when we had a conversation over dinner about fitness. I then realized that he is a CrossFit athlete and has been for years.  Even before CrossFit was a thing, he did it and is still doing it. He grew up doing laborious jobs, trained with the military and worked out in his own basement weight room for years. Every day we talk about my workout and current weight maxes. He tells me if I’m training to hard or if I need to step it up. He has been to every single local CrossFit event and thrives on the atmosphere. As an 88 year-old athlete, he still lives for the adrenaline; even if he can’t perform the movements himself. He is not throwing weights around like he used to but he still trains as much as he can. He understands the importance of functional fitness. That is what CrossFit is, functional fitness.

My grandfather instilled the importance of fitness for Mike and I. He helped mike in his early fitness years and I used to hang out in the dim basement weight room ever since I could remember. He showed us what it was like to work hard for our goals and that led us to our current love for CrossFit.

What I’m trying to say is that CrossFit is for everyone. No one really out grows the love for functional fitness. You can be a 5 year-old child in a kids class or an 88 year old man with 10 lbs weights in the living room. All athletes are the same. They have the drive to say active for as along as possible.