CrossFit is a sport of endless learning. It is a sport that will continue to push you to your limits no matter of advanced you are. There are moments were you feel like your at your breaking point, but that is when you become stronger. You become stronger both mentally and physically. At those moments you start to learn to shut off your brain and just go. You push and push until you reach the finish line. When first starting CrossFit it seems like you need to be good at everything at once. You feel like there is always something to work on. This is the beauty of CrossFit. There is never a moment that there isn’t something to work on. There is never a time when you think “ok, I will forever be satisfied with that form or weight”. At every stage of the game you learn to learn. You become fearless and strong. Everyone is at a different stage but we all push through it together. When in class, we are all learning. When the coaches remind the class of proper form, it means something different to each of us but we still continue to grow. Be proud of how far you have come, work on the things you feel needed and just keep going.