We are very excited to add this MUST class to our schedule:

Stretch, Mobility and Recovery for Southington CrossFit

by Rishi Eric Infanti, MA, LMT (check out his bio on our coaches page, this guy is amazing!)

When: Saturdays at 11 am

Special Rate for SCF Members: $10.00 per class 

Designed for the CrossFit Athlete in mind, this class will focus on overall recovery and injury prevention with a specific theme based upon the prior week’s WODs. Combining therapeutic methods ranging from static and dynamic stretching, joint mobility, and varied self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques.

This class will help you to identify chronic tightness, mobility restrictions, and reduce the probability for injury. While providing a progressive sequential methodology for recovery, this will also assist you in achieving better results for your lifts and WODs. 

This will probably be the most important class that you attend.  The first class will start Saturday, Sept 21st, this class will be FREE.  Please make sure you bring your own yoga mat and towel.