1. Make it nonnegotiable- Don’t tell yourself that you can cop out.

2. Make it actionable- Be clear about what you’re going to do to reach your goal. For example, “I’ll go to sleep 30 minutes earlier so I can wake up and exercise in the morning”.

3. Set a deadline- Mark it on your calendar.

4. Schedule it in- Write workouts or other healthy actions in your planner and treat them like appointments.

5. Find solutions for your usual excuses- Write down your most common reasons for not doing something healthy and brainstorm strategies to deal with them.

6. Do it daily- The more something is part of your daily life, the less you’ll have to think about it. 21 days to make a habit!

7. Change your focus- Look at what you’ve accomplished as opposed to what you still have to do. Pat yourself on the back!

8. Set small goals- having a big goal is great, but create little goals along the way that build up to your final desired result.