The month started with Sandy and a snowstorm. Not having power for 10 days gave me an oppurtunity to read a couple books. Book 1: Fearless (highly recommend). Book 2: Peaks and valleys (don’t recommend).  One of those books that makes you look deep inside yourself. Scary, scary place. Gets the ol head spinning. Book 3: Full Throttle Conditioning, Books 4 and 5: King Kong Destroys The World and the newest Captain Caveman coloring book.

A. It was a close race. But in the end Marni pulled it out and beat iron mike 79-74. What did she beat him in? She dropped 79 f-bombs before, during and after workouts. The f-bombs had to be directly fired against yours truly in order to count. As many of you 9 amers know, Marni does not like to run. Hates running. Bombs away everyday.  

B. Ellie did 201 reps rxd with the Santora workout.

C. Wings did his first muscleup.

D. Mario did 15 unbroken rope climbs. He’s 11. 

E. Katy’s 3-wod paleo challenge time went from over 44 minutes in September to under 31 minutes in November. 

F. Brittney, Jess B. and Debbie banged out there first pullups.

F. The 5 am crew stepped it up Bigtime this month. Nice job. Funny how the road race season also came to an end earlier this month. Hmmm.

H. Speaking of 5 am. While me and the other owner are getting our beauty sleep in, Shannon and Mike consistently get up at 4 am to open up the freezing cold gym. I know the 5 am workout whackos appreciate this. But probably not as much as we do. 

I. Jedi( a 5 am crewer) has put on 15 lbs of muscle since he started coming to the gym more than once a week a couple months ago. He nows weighs 94 lbs. keep it up Jedi, 100 lbs by 2013. He’s also pring the crap out of everything he touches.

J. Dominic back squatted 405 lbs for 3 reps. 

K. Instant replay: Dominic back squatted 405 lbs for 3 reps. Just in case you thought J. was a typo.

1) Mile Times:

9:57- Heather(nice job Heather. down from over 15 minutes a couple months ago)
8:24- Tom Wood
8:00- Jess B.
7:53- Matt L.
7:48- Kelly
7:42- Brittney
7:30- Jim D, Evan
7:28- Nancy
7:15- Pam Lopa
7:07- Traver
6:58- Marlis
6:55- Holly
6:53- Scott
6:51- Maggie
6:48- Wings
6:44- John O
6:38- LLoyd
6:37- Andy
6:13- Ken
6:01- James
5:56- Rob
5:39- Matt D

2) Clean and Jerk PR’s:

255- Justin M, Dominic
235- James, Jon
225- Jim H, Vargochav, Mike D
205- Lloyd, Wings, Tony
185- Tyler, Iron Mike
180- Jim D
175- Jedi
165- Scott
165- Lindsey
155- Steph
135- Meg G
120- Jess B, Marissa, Katy
110- Maribeth
95- Debbie, Pam
90- Holly, Megan B
85- Brittney, Kaitlin, Marlis, Abby

3) 800m sprint times:

2:19- Mike D
2:35- Andy
2:37- Evan, DJ Quick
2:41- Tony R
2:42- Wings
2:44- Jon S
2:45- Tyler, Rob, Lloyd
2:52- Traver
2:54- Shannon P
2:55- Scott, John O
2:56- Lindsey E
2:57- Maggie, Marine Mike
3:00- Holly
3:03- Matt L
3:04- Nancy
3:05- Meg(Jamies wife)
3:07- Marlis
3:09- Brittney, Pam Swain
3:10- Doug
3:13- Katy
3:15- Kelly, Megan B
3:18- Jess B
3:21- 6 am Jenn
3:30- Stephanie H
3:37- John and Robyn Larese. Whoa. How old are you two? 

4) 50 burpees for time:

3:20- Robin L
3:13- Brittney, Katy
3:05- Jenny
3:04- Debbie
3:00- Holly, Brendan
2:59- Pam S
2:53- Pam L
2:52- Nancy, John O
2:51- Tony R, Lindsay E
2:50- Tyler
2:48- Maggie
2:45- Shannon P
2:37- Jon S
2:36- Andrea
2:25- Traver
2:14- Rob
2:09- Andy
2:01- Lloyd
1:55- Mike D
1:37- Matt D

L. If at first you succeed, try something harder.