10-1 Thank Yous:

10) Thank you to 250+ nonmembers who came down that night to support and cheer on our athletes who did the workout. 

9) Thank you to Betsy Bailey who wrote this:

“Last night was my first time as a visitor at Southington Crossfit…Although I was awed at the level of fitness happening in that room, I was even further awed by the sense of caring and community among the athletes there! You all seemed to care more about each other than you did yourselves! Bravo to each and everyone of you!

8) Thank  you to everyone who donated money to support our gyms effort to raise money for this wonderful cause. 

7) Thank you to Shannon Piers, who put her heart and soul into the workout.






6) Thank you 2(pr) to Shannon Piers, who put her heart and soul into her fundraising efforts as well. She raised over 1700.00 dollars in 3 weeks. Out of over 1 million people that have raised/donated money to this fundraiser(over the course of 3 years), Shannon is currently 18th in the world in total dollars raised. In ONLY 3 weeks. That’s insane. She’s like the RG3 of fundraising. 

5) Thank you to Pam Lopa for volunteering her time and taking good pictures. Pam lost her mom, Melanie Backus, to cancer a couple of years ago. When you lose someone so close to you as your mother to the same thing a 3 hour event is held for, it can be very difficult. Difficult because it exposes you to all of those wide ranging emotions again. Very courageous Pam. Thank you.

4) Thank you to Brittney Decker for this:

3) Thank you 2 to Brittney Decker, probably even TY 3,4,5,6…..The video was that good. And like Pam taking pictures, nobody knew what she was up to. She just took it upon herself and put together that gem. 

 2) Thank you to Mike D. for MCing the event, and as always putting his heart and soul into the entire event from start to finish. Less than 3 weeks ago, I told Mike that we need to make Friday, October 19th a special night. Special for Shannon’s sister Tara, Pam’s mom, my mom and all the other women affected by this nasty disease. We tried our best, and based on the following numbers, it appears as if we did it SCF style:

3,099.00. Thats the total fundraising dollars raised by you all. 
1,500.00. That was our initial team fundraising goal. We more than doubled it!!!

1) Finally, thank you to all of our amazing athletes who came out and destroyed this workout. More pictures and videos will be coming shortly on a separate blog entry once i figure out how to work this fancy, new website. 

It is 8 PM Sunday, October 28 as I write this while driving(its a learned skill). I just finished packing up my household as we were forced to evacuate our condo on Cosey Beach ave., East Haven. Bengal tiger cats do not like leaving home. I have several scratches to prove it. Everyone be safe the next couple days. I guess its supposed to be a little breezy. 

1) Lindsey snatched 125 lbs and did 100 Kettlebell Swings(35 lbs) in a ridiculous time of 3:23. Someone looks like there gonna make the regionals this year…..

2) Johnny O. asked 323 stupid, nonsensical questions during classes in October. Another pr for Johnny O. Kid breaks this record monthly. Amazing, amazing performance.

3) Matt Holland did 30 bodyweight deadlifts(250 lbs) in 0.33 seconds. Unbroken. 

4) Amy did Crossfit Games Open Wod 12.4 and banged out 249 reps. That score would have put her in 12th place in the northeast for this event. I can’t wait until February 2013. 

5) Back Squat PR’s:
335- Jim H. 
305-Rob & Jeans
295-Iron Mike & Johnny O
265-Tyler & Andy
225- DJ Quick
200-Cait, nice job Cait! The 1st of many
195 -Maggie, Ellie, Steph
165-Andrea, Erica, Jess C
135-Marlis & Debbie
105-Jenny & Megan N

6) Power Clean PR’s:
225-Rob, Jim H, Evan, Tony R
215-Johnny O 
205-Tyler & Wings
195-DJ Quick & Gary
175-Jim D & Iron Mike
150-Steph (Scott’s getting a little nervous)
125-Amy & Maggie
115-Katy & Jess B
110-Marissa & Carolyn
90-Debbie, Megan Be, Marnie

7) Karen Times RX:
8:06 Maggie (w/20lb ball)
7:40 Tony
7:13 Iron Mike
7:12 Jenny
7:05 Jess C
6:40 Tyler
6:30 Ellie
6:23 Tom
6:05 Andy

8)Deadlift PR’s:
415-Mike, John, Jim H
405-6am John, Iron Mike, Wings, Isaiah
325-Scott & Jedi
285-Matt L
275- DJ Quick
255-Steph & Rosanne
245-Meg G
225-Cait, Andrea, Ellie