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The month started with Sandy and a snowstorm. Not having power for 10 days gave me an oppurtunity to read a couple books. Book 1: Fearless (highly recommend). Book 2: Peaks and valleys (don’t recommend).  One of those books that makes you look deep inside yourself. Scary, scary place. Gets the ol head spinning. Book 3: Full Throttle Conditioning, Books 4 and 5: King Kong Destroys The World and the newest Captain Caveman coloring book.

A. It was a close race. But in the end Marni pulled it out and beat iron mike 79-74. What did she beat him in? She dropped 79 f-bombs before, during and after workouts. The f-bombs had to be directly fired against yours truly in order to count. As many of you 9 amers know, Marni does not like to run. Hates running. Bombs away everyday.  

B. Ellie did 201 reps rxd with the Santora workout.

C. Wings did his first muscleup.

D. Mario did 15 unbroken rope climbs. He’s 11. 

E. Katy’s 3-wod paleo challenge time went from over 44 minutes in September to under 31 minutes in November. 

F. Brittney, Jess B. and Debbie banged out there first pullups.

F. The 5 am crew stepped it up Bigtime this month. Nice job. Funny how the road race season also came to an end earlier this month. Hmmm.

H. Speaking of 5 am. While me and the other owner are getting our beauty sleep in, Shannon and Mike consistently get up at 4 am to open up the freezing cold gym. I know the 5 am workout whackos appreciate this. But probably not as much as we do. 

I. Jedi( a 5 am crewer) has put on 15 lbs of muscle since he started coming to the gym more than once a week a couple months ago. He nows weighs 94 lbs. keep it up Jedi, 100 lbs by 2013. He’s also pring the crap out of everything he touches.

J. Dominic back squatted 405 lbs for 3 reps. 

K. Instant replay: Dominic back squatted 405 lbs for 3 reps. Just in case you thought J. was a typo.

1) Mile Times:

9:57- Heather(nice job Heather. down from over 15 minutes a couple months ago)
8:24- Tom Wood
8:00- Jess B.
7:53- Matt L.
7:48- Kelly
7:42- Brittney
7:30- Jim D, Evan
7:28- Nancy
7:15- Pam Lopa
7:07- Traver
6:58- Marlis
6:55- Holly
6:53- Scott
6:51- Maggie
6:48- Wings
6:44- John O
6:38- LLoyd
6:37- Andy
6:13- Ken
6:01- James
5:56- Rob
5:39- Matt D

2) Clean and Jerk PR’s:

255- Justin M, Dominic
235- James, Jon
225- Jim H, Vargochav, Mike D
205- Lloyd, Wings, Tony
185- Tyler, Iron Mike
180- Jim D
175- Jedi
165- Scott
165- Lindsey
155- Steph
135- Meg G
120- Jess B, Marissa, Katy
110- Maribeth
95- Debbie, Pam
90- Holly, Megan B
85- Brittney, Kaitlin, Marlis, Abby

3) 800m sprint times:

2:19- Mike D
2:35- Andy
2:37- Evan, DJ Quick
2:41- Tony R
2:42- Wings
2:44- Jon S
2:45- Tyler, Rob, Lloyd
2:52- Traver
2:54- Shannon P
2:55- Scott, John O
2:56- Lindsey E
2:57- Maggie, Marine Mike
3:00- Holly
3:03- Matt L
3:04- Nancy
3:05- Meg(Jamies wife)
3:07- Marlis
3:09- Brittney, Pam Swain
3:10- Doug
3:13- Katy
3:15- Kelly, Megan B
3:18- Jess B
3:21- 6 am Jenn
3:30- Stephanie H
3:37- John and Robyn Larese. Whoa. How old are you two? 

4) 50 burpees for time:

3:20- Robin L
3:13- Brittney, Katy
3:05- Jenny
3:04- Debbie
3:00- Holly, Brendan
2:59- Pam S
2:53- Pam L
2:52- Nancy, John O
2:51- Tony R, Lindsay E
2:50- Tyler
2:48- Maggie
2:45- Shannon P
2:37- Jon S
2:36- Andrea
2:25- Traver
2:14- Rob
2:09- Andy
2:01- Lloyd
1:55- Mike D
1:37- Matt D

L. If at first you succeed, try something harder. 


Lindsey doing her clapping push ups

Awesome Job – You are a inspiration for all of us ladies!  Kill it this weekend girl!

Dave jumped so fast we couldn’t even see his hands

True fact we don’t call him “Wings” for nothing!


Thursday Recipe Day

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

I’ve learned that if I’m not going to be able to get to the box I should NOT look at the WOD. It will unfailingly be a workout that I really want to do. Because I won’t get to do it, my whole day will be ruined and I will be mad at everyone.  Why is the line so long at the bank? Because I can’t go to crossfit!!  If I went to crossfit today the dog wouldn’t have ripped up the garbage!  Who does the mail man think he is?! “have a nice day”, don’t tell me what to do buddy!  Both reasonable and mature.  Tell you what though after a long day of being unreasonably angry at innocent people, a hot bowl of soup really hits the spot. This here recipe is from my girl Rachel, she is so rad. I don’t usually shed tears of joy over soup, but when I do it’s always made of butternut squash. I’ve eaten this soup three times in the last two weeks. The last time I made it under the auspices that “I need to take a picture of it for the blog”….really though I just love this soup and using an emersion blender, it’s like a power tool that makes food. Winning.

1 big butternut squash peeled and cubed (I got the pre-cubed package to save time)
4 chopped shallots
2 chopped carrots
1 peeled and diced apple (granny smith works great)
1 chopped med onion
4 cloves garlic
2 Tb olive oil
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp tumeric
2 C veggie or chicken stock
1/2 C coconut milk
Salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 425.
Combine all ingredients except the broth and milk. Toss to coat and spread in a single layer to roast in the oven for about 30 min or until tender (and i like it a little browned).

Combine everything in a large pot with the broth and milk and use an immersion blender to puree.
A blender would work also, you would probably have to do it in portions and you wouldn’t get the feeling of power that comes from wielding an immersion blender.
Put some heat under your pot and make sure your soup is nice and heated through. I went a little wild here and added more cumin and turmeric and garnished with some chopped bacon.  Now eat that soup. Love that soup.

Looking good Anna

Fast Five Fit Tips, 12.11

1)Use a hook grip on the barbell whenever doing cleans and snatches. It takes about 2 weeks to get comfortable with the grip. The hook grip will help, if not completely fix any early arm bend with the Olympic lifts. Try to suck it up for 2 weeks. You may feel ‘weaker’ at first, but your not.  Google hook grip, catalystathletics for further tips, exercises,stretches.

2) Cleans: show your triceps before lifting the bar off the ground. Flex your triceps down and turn your elbows in.

3) Breath directly into fatigued muscles. Example: On a set of 30 thrusters where your quads start burning, mentally direct each breath into your quads. Example 2: A workout with 50 wall balls followed by 100 double unders, mentally direct each breath into your burning shoulders. 

4) Double Under Tips:

 5)  Your glutes need to be firing properly to maximize your performance in and more importantly out(use your imagination) of the gym. Practice the first 4 movements in this article daily.  Vargochav and Justin McEnroe do all of these movements together on a daily basis. Sometimes they spot each other, but that’s not required.


John is trading in his Harley for this beauty…Might have to get a new tattoo 

DJ Quick or Angelo or Jimmy – which one is it?

Happy Faces!!!

Southington CrossFit Blog – Dr. Hawley’s Health Corner

Foam Rolling – What is it and Why is it important?

The amount of exercise and pounding that your body takes during a typical week of CrossFit makes daily and weekly maintenance on your body a necessity.  This can include anything from a visit to your local chiropractor, massage therapist or physical therapist but also includes stretching and “self myofacial treatment”.  One of the best “self treatments” that you can do is foam rolling.  This is a very simple technique and one that can work wonders to not only decrease soreness but also increase range of motion.  

The benefits of foam rolling are largely based on the idea of ridding the body of trigger points, adhesions and “fascial” tightness.  Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that lies on top of the muscles in your body and can become tight with exercise.  Once tight your muscles are no longer able to perform at full capacity impacting your 1RM.  The main point is that you want to find the sorest spot on the muscle you are rolling and stay on that spot for 15-30 seconds.  This causes a compressive force on the “trigger point” then when released causes increased blood flow to the area and ridding the body of that trigger point.  This should be done up and down the muscle – but be sure to not spend more than 5 minutes per muscle.  If you are doing it right you will be more than happy to stop at 5 minutes!  Anything more than this can cause more harm than good.
Foam rolling is best used for the large muscles of the body and we will explain the most popular muscles below:
Upper / Mid / Lower back – Start lying on the foam roller perpendicular to your body just above your hips.  From here roll the foam roller up your back towards your shoulders.  Go slow – it’s probably going to get really sore around your mid back.  Find a spot where it’s sore and stay there for 15-30 seconds and you will feel the muscles relax.  Continue as needed.
Gluteus Max. – When you have spent enough time on your back now start working on your glutes.  For this position the foam roller underneath one of your butts and lay on that side (somewhere between flat on your back and completely on your side).  Again work on the entire muscle and find those sore spots!!
Piriformis – After the glutes are done stay is that position but this time place your foot on top of the other knee.  The foot you are placing is the same side that the foam roller is on.  Work on the sore spots.
Hamstrings – From here straighten both of your legs and “sit” on the foam roller.  Roll from your butt down to just above your knees – again stopping at the sore spots.
IT Band – This will most likely be the least enjoyable part!  Lie directly on your side and roll from the top of your hip bones down to just above your knee.
If you run through that series a couple times a week you will be sure to catch many of the trigger points and adhesions that will cause you trouble down the road.  In my opinion it is better to run through at any time BUT before a workout.  Extensive soft tissue work on muscles has been shown to slightly decrease their maximal strength output.  If you want to foam roll before a workout do a less intense and shorter version of the above series.
Everyone should own a foam roller and they are very easy to find.  A quick Amazon search will pull up many choices – go for the high density or molded foam roller.  These will be a little firmer but will not lose their shape over time.  I also prefer the 36” product versus the smaller ones as I think they are a little easier to use.

Happy Foam Rolling!!


1st Annual CT’s Fittest, Fastest, Freakiest Athlete Throwdown
Saturday, January 19, 2013 from 9:00 to 4:00  

Join the team at Southington CrossFit on Saturday, January 19th, 2013 for a competition designed to find the fittest Male & Female (Rx’d and Scaled) around.  All participants will be performing 3 WOD’s with the top 5 in each category moving on to the 4th (final) WOD.  These WOD’s are guaranteed to test all aspects of fitness and will be a great test / competition to get you primed for The Open.

Divisions will be:

  • Male / Female
  • RX’d / Scaled
  • T-Shirt for all Registrants
  • Cash prizes for Top Athletes in each category

    First three workouts will be live on 1/1/13.

Pre-Registration Only!  There will be no day of registrations. Registration closes at 5pm (EST) on January 18th.

Check-in will be at 8:00am with the compeition starting at 9:00am.

On Ramp



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