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Class Schedule this week
Thursday NO Classes – Closed – Enjoy your family time!
Friday Classes ONLY 7am, 9am, 12:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 (on ramp)

Marni – how many colors do you have on?

Great Job Today Brittany

Dr. Hawley’s Health Corner

Elbow Pain – Golfer’s Elbow?  No we don’t golf!  “Power Clean Elbow”

Have you ever had pain on the inside or the outside of your elbow?  Some people call this “golfer’s” or “tennis” elbow but a more technical term is medial and lateral epicondylitis. 

Medial epicondylitis is characterized by pain on the outside of your elbow and lateral epicondylitis is characterized by pain on the inside of your elbow.  If these conditions go too long without being treated you will begin to get pain down the back and front of your forearm and occasionally into your hands.  At its worse you will begin to lose strength in your hands and holding any object becomes painful and nearly impossible.  It is usually at this point when most people seek treatment.  However, if you start to take care of your elbows prior to when you have pain or even at the onset of pain you will avoid many of the long-term consequences associated with these conditions.
CrossFitter’s most commonly see these conditions in relation to improper “cleaning” movements.  If you are performing a “clean” (power clean, hang clean or squat clean) by reverse curling the barbell it is only a matter of time until you begin to have elbow and forearm pain.  This is an easy fix as you can simply talk to one of your coaches to help you perform the movement correctly.  If you already have a slight pain in your elbow/forearm or are looking for a few quick easy movements to prevent these conditions follow the easy steps below. 

  • Pre/Post workout stretching –start with your arm straight in front of you with your palm facing down.  Grab your fingers with your opposite hand and pull down and towards your arm.  This should be stretching the topside of your forearm.  Now let go of your fingers and point your palm up.  Grab your fingers again and pull down.  This will stretch the bottom of your forearm.
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization – Working on the muscles on the topside and the bottom side of your forearm is a great way to treat these conditions yourself.  There is a product called “The Stick” at the box that you can use.  Simply use this product for 30 seconds 5-10 times a day on the top and bottom of your forearm and this will breakup the adhesions that will create further complications.  A lacrosse ball works really well too.


The month started with Sandy and a snowstorm. Not having power for 10 days gave me an oppurtunity to read a couple books. Book 1: Fearless (highly recommend). Book 2: Peaks and valleys (don’t recommend).  One of those books that makes you look deep inside yourself. Scary, scary place. Gets the ol head spinning. Book 3: Full Throttle Conditioning, Books 4 and 5: King Kong Destroys The World and the newest Captain Caveman coloring book.

A. It was a close race. But in the end Marni pulled it out and beat iron mike 79-74. What did she beat him in? She dropped 79 f-bombs before, during and after workouts. The f-bombs had to be directly fired against yours truly in order to count. As any of you 9 amers know, Marni does not like to run. Hates running. Bombs away everyday.  

B. Ellie did 201 reps rxd with the Santora workout.

C. Wings did his first muscleup.

D. Mario did 15 unbroken rope climbs. He’s 11. 

E. Katy’s 3-wod paleo challenge time went from over 44 minutes in September to under 31 minutes in November. 

F. Brittney, Jess B. and Debbie banged out there first pullups.

F. The 5 am crew stepped it up Bigtime this month. Nice job. Funny how the road race season also came to an end earlier this month. Hmmm.

H. Speaking of 5 am. While me and the other owner are getting our beauty sleep in, Shannon and Mike consistently get up at 4 am to open up the freezing cold gym. I know the 5 am workout whackos appreciate this. But probably not as much as we do. 

I. Jedi( a 5 am crewer) has put on 15 lbs of muscle since he started coming to the gym more than once a week a couple months ago. He nows weighs 94 lbs. keep it up Jedi, 100 lbs by 2013. He’s also pring the crap out of everything he touches.

J. Dominic back squatted 405 lbs for 3 reps. 

K. Instant replay: Dominic back squatted 405 lbs for 3 reps. Just in case you thought J. was a typo.

1) Mile Times:

9:57- Heather(nice job Heather. down from over 15 minutes a couple months ago)
8:24- Tom Wood
8:00- Jess B.
7:53- Matt L.
7:48- Kelly
7:42- Brittney
7:30- Jim D, Evan
7:28- Nancy
7:15- Pam Lopa
7:07- Traver
6:58- Marlis
6:55- Holly
6:53- Scott
6:51- Maggie
6:48- Wings
6:44- John O
6:38- LLoyd
6:37- Andy
6:13- Ken
6:01- James
5:56- Rob
5:39- Matt D

2) Clean and Jerk PR’s:

255- Justin M, Dominic
235- James, Jon
225- Jim H, Vargochav, Mike D
205- Lloyd, Wings, Tony
185- Tyler, Iron Mike
180- Jim D
175- Jedi
165- Scott
165- Lindsey
155- Steph
135- Meg G
120- Jess B, Marissa, Katy
110- Maribeth
95- Debbie, Pam
90- Holly, Megan B
85- Brittney, Kaitlin, Marlis, Abby

3) 800m sprint times:

2:19- Mike D
2:35- Andy
2:37- Evan, DJ Quick
2:41- Tony R
2:42- Wings
2:44- Jon S
2:45- Tyler, Rob, Lloyd
2:52- Traver
2:54- Shannon P
2:55- Scott, John O
2:56- Lindsey E
2:57- Maggie, Marine Mike
3:00- Holly
3:03- Matt L
3:04- Nancy
3:05- Meg(Jamies wife)
3:07- Marlis
3:09- Brittney, Pam Swain
3:10- Doug
3:13- Katy
3:15- Kelly, Megan B
3:18- Jess B
3:21- 6 am Jenn
3:30- Stephanie H
3:37- John and Robyn Larese. Whoa. How old are you two? 

4) 50 burpees for time:

3:20- Robin L
3:13- Brittney, Katy
3:05- Jenny
3:04- Debbie
3:00- Holly, Brendan
2:59- Pam S
2:53- Pam L
2:52- Nancy, John O
2:51- Tony R, Lindsay E
2:50- Tyler
2:48- Maggie
2:45- Shannon P
2:37- Jon S
2:36- Andrea
2:25- Traver
2:14- Rob
2:09- Andy
2:01- Lloyd
1:55- Mike D
1:37- Matt D

L. If at first you succeed, try something harder. 


Congratulations to Shannon & Steve who tied the knot in St. Lucia last week!  We are so happy for you both and glad you are back!

The Honeymoon is over – Coach Shannon came back and left it all out on the rower, her 1st day back to Southington Crossfit!

Congratulations  to Christina and Angela they are both pregnant and they are both due in May!  Keep Crossfitting!


Lindsey training in her wetsuit for the “Worlds Toughest Mudder”

I’m sure everyone’s heard of the tough mudder; a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British special forces designed to test your physical and mental ability. The tough mudder is run all over the world. The object is to complete the course, either individually or in a group as fast as you can while still having fun! Once done, you submit your time to the tough mudder people and they review it for accuracy. Then, if you finish in the top 5% of all tough mudder finishers, you get this wonderful email telling you that you’ve qualified for thr worlds toughest mudder; the culmination of all tough mudders. It’s a 24 hour obstacle course designed to be tougher than any regular tough mudder where you run around the 10 mile loop over and over for 24 hours. Last year, 155,000 people competed in a tough mudder somewhere and 7000 people qualified. Of those 7000, only 1000 felt tough enough to enter the WTM. After 24 hours, there were only 100 people on the course (only 2 females!). So, when I got the beautiful email, without thinking I signed up. I decided that I needed to do it to prove to myself that I can push myself past my limits and presevere. I read an article where one of thr Olympic gymnasts stated that after she broke her ankle everyone said she wouldn’t compete again and she almost believed them. Then one day she decided to prove everyone, including herself wrong and she ended up becoming a member on the past Olympic team. So here I am, ONE days away from a 24 hour tough mudder, preparing myself for a grueling physical and mental challenge. I will do this for everyone who ever thought they couldn’t do something so they didn’t try, for everyone who feared, for everyone who said “I can’t” without trying, and for everyone who spends day in and day out living through things worse than any tough mudder.  Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “you must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Here goes nothing! Lindsey

Congratulations Lindsey for not only qualifying for this event but for also continuing to train as hard as you do – coming into the gym at 7pm just to get another wod in.  We are so proud of you!  You are truly an inspiration for us all at Southington Crossfit.  May the force be with you, we will be thinking of you all weekend!  Make sure you send us your bib number so we can all follow you online.


ook at this great picture – Dan you look awesome, but who’s that mug in the back and what IS he doing?  First person to comment gets a free t-shirt!

Pucks Pork

I’m typing this up while eating two fried eggs on a couple slices of roast beef wrapped in lettuce leaves. It’s messy but good. Yolk may or may not be on the keyboard.  Have you ever picked something up that you were confident was food you just dropped, and tossed it in your mouth only to find it was not food at all?

I’m typing this up while eating two fried eggs on a couple slices of roast beef wrapped in lettuce leaves, with a side of large fuzz ball that resembles roast beef when you’re not paying attention because you’re trying to multitask.

Anyway…This is an adaptation of a recipe Wolfgang Puck made. He rocks the kitchen. Also his name is super cool, imagine if the shortened version of your name was “wolf”. I want to be named Wolfgang. I’m not a huge pork fan but even I went back for seconds with this baby.

Pork loin roast…think mine weighed in at a hefty 4lbs
1 C Dried fruit (no sugar added) chopped. Dates, apricots, prunes, cranberries, your choice. Go crazy with it.
Rosemary (with the herbs you’ll need a couple tablespoons if you use fresh, if you use dried you’ll need much less)
1/4 cup Coconut oil give or take
Cinnamon stick
1 C apple cider vinegar
1 Onion chopped
2 tablespoons Ginger chopped
Wolf used star anise also…I didn’t have any.
Original recipe called for 1/2 cup maple syrup. I didn’t add it but you certainly could if you want.
Cooking twine

1) Preheat your oven to 350
2) Dust your pork roast all over with salt, pepper, and half of your rosemary, and sage.
3) Butterfly your roast. See note for an explanation of this.
4) Dust the inside of your pork loin with the other half of your seasonings.
5) Put your fruit of choice in your wide open pork loin and wrap it up.                                          6) Now truss that loin shut! I had to Google the proper way to do this…if you’re not an experienced “meat trusser” I suggest you do the same.
7) Heat enough coconut oil to cover the bottom of a heavy pan or Dutch oven when oil is hot but not smoking brown your pork on all sides. About 3 min per side did it for me.
Remove roast and set aside.
8) Turn the heat down a little and add your chopped onions and two more tbls coconut oil to your pan, stir to prevent burning. Add your ginger, cinnamon, star anise. Cook until onions and ginger are fragrant and soft. Add your vinegar and deglaze the pan. Simmer until liquid is reduced by half.                                                                                                                                                9) Put your roast in whatever you’re roasting it in and spoon your onion liquid mixture over it. Cook until internal temp is 150. Then Let it rest covered for ten minutes…the temp should climb another 10 degrees during this time bringing it to a perfect 160. For my 4lb roast it took 1hour 15min to reach 150. Don’t be hasty now, let your roast rest 10min before you cut it….it’s been through a lot….plus you want it to reach 160 for safe consumption and you want the meat to stay moist. Ugh. I hate that word “moist”.

Slice it up, pour the heavenly juices from the pan over it and chow down.
1. Stop imagining your roast doing butterfly pull-ups. That’s not what this means.

2. Begin at one end of the roast. About an inch from the cutting board, cut a horizontal incision, about an inch deep. As you cut from one end of the loin to the other, pull back the meat. Roll meat back as you go…cutting a little at a time until your roast is open but not cut completely in two.


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