There is a creeper behind Robin

Debbie got kicked out of the Mall last night???? No guns allowed!!!!!!

Pineapple fried “rice”

Seven minutes. Doesn’t seem that menacing does it? It’s only seven minutes; I can do anything for seven minutes.

Seven minute burpee amrap. Whole new meaning…that’s like seven minutes of quad burning, blood tasting torture. I can’t lie though; I loved every minute of it. Let me gush over our gym for a minute…

First, the way our workouts are programmed I feel like were being groomed to be ready for anything. What’s better than that?! Potentially, what’s keeping us from being better than good… better than elite…so good you don’t even know how to classify it? An inexpressible level of athlete. A place that makes you FEEL like that is of tremendous worth in my opinion. Thank you guys for that.

Second, today after class there was a newish guy rolling out next to a seasoned athlete. You couldn’t tell by watching them who was who at that point. They were talking like old friends; the one with more experience had given some help to the newer guy during the work out. Now both were laughing at the amount of pain rolling out causes. Seems simple but I love that. The new guy wasn’t off by himself doing his own thing while the “regulars” all hang out shooting the breeze. That inclusion and acceptance definitely aids in boosting confidence which can be crucial to success when you’re trying something that’s new to you. Support is key and there is no shortage of that here.

Gushing concluded.

I am starving. Like wildebeest hungry. I don’t know what that means but its bad. Did you know wildebeest was spelled that way? Weird. I digress…  this is not about wildebeest this is about pineapple fried cauliflower rice. If you don’t want to go vegetarian on this one then add some shrimp or cooked chicken to the dish…

1 Head o’ cauliflower
1 yellow pepper chopped
1 red pepper chopped
1 cup mushrooms chopped
1 cup chopped pineapple
2 shallots diced
2 cloves of garlic diced
1 egg (omit if ya don’t eat eggs)
3 tbls veggie stock
3 tbls Braggs Aminos (soy sauce alternative)
1 tbls curry powder
1tsp coconut sugar
½ cup cashews chopped
¼ cup raisins
¼ cup coconut oil give or take
Handful of chopped green onions
Cut your cauliflower into pieces that your blender or food processor can handle and pulse in chosen appliance until your raw cauliflower becomes rice consistency. Voila, rice. Set aside.  Heat enough coconut oil in a large wok or pan to give it a healthy coating. When it’s heated throw your peppers, mushrooms, shallots, and garlic in. Mix it up and leave it. Let it caramelize a bit. Not that you want it to burn, but constantly stirring makes it hard to brown it. Once it’s sufficiently browned, remove from pan and set aside. Put some more oil in your pan, and your Braggs Aminos, veggie stock, curry powder, and coconut sugar. Stir, and add you cauliflower. Now you can stir till your heart’s content! Stir that cauliflower so it’s all evenly coated with sauce. Let it cook for about ten minutes, if your adding egg now is the time. Make a well in the middle of your pan and scramble that egg up. Once it’s cooked mix it around. Then stir in your cashews and raisins. Cook five minutes more, stir in your green onions and pineapple. Finally stir in your pepper, shallot, and mushroom mixture. Make sure everything is heated through and serve it up! Garnishing with fresh cilantro is pretty good too if you got it.