Prepping for a comp is both mental and physical. When I sign up for a comp, i mentally start prepping that day. Everything I do is in the mentality that it will benefit me towards those specific events. I start to pay extra closer attention to my diet, i stretch more, and definitely make sure I am well rested.

The most crucial time before competition is the week before. You don’t want to over exert yourself because sore muscles are not fun when you have 3 wods in a day. Practicing the wods are crucial. You need to figure out breathing patterns, standards and equipment that you may need. I like to pack as little as possible, however, I always end up with a few bags.

My Comp Day Bag: Ugg slippers, Sweatshirt, Sweat Pants, T-shirt (for clean & Jerks), Tank (all over movements), 2 pairs of socks, Belt, Wrist Wraps, tape, head phones, jump rope, foam roller, rolling stick, lacrosse ball, blanket

Food: Protein shake, apple, banana, Power Crunch Bar, PB J Sandwich, Aminos, Peanut Butter, Water etc.

*26 Days till opens !!!!! Time to get ready!