Sweatshirts are coming….(sad but true)


With the upcoming Lurong Challenge, there has been a lot of buzz about “paleo” eating. Should I do it? Is it right for me?

In my opinion, the only way to answer that is to try it out for yourself and determine if it’s right for you. The Lurong challenge provides a fun platform for that, with lots of support in a motivating atmosphere that keeps you accountable. If you’re interested but still need more info before you make your decision, this post is for you. Here is a list of some paleo sites and products that make paleo eating delicious and convenient:

As with any lifestyle change, educate yourself. Learn how to properly adapt your diet to the demands of your body. You can eat apples and avocado all day everyday and you will be eating a “paleo” diet but will probably be seriously malnourished and lacking in protein. Keep your macronutrients properly balanced and you will without a doubt feel improved health. This week you get “food for thought”, next week we’ll be back to regular food.