Its that time of year again! The warm weather is starting to shine through so that mean more running. Time to take a step back from the rowing machine for a bit and get some fresh air outside. Short runs, long runs, either way we know there will be runs. haha. Here are some quick tips in getting back in the swing of things.


  1.  Don’t suffer alone: Bring along a friend as you go around the neighborhood or trail. Hold mini races along the way. Alternating between sprinting and jogging is a great way to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time and helps increase metabolic rate. You will also be able to run longer and faster by bringing along a good companion.
  2. Pump up the jam! Having some good tunes can help make the time go by so much faster. If you don’t want to spend money on songs, YouTube has some great channels to listen to or play some Pandora. I really enjoy listening to Shinedown Radio, Hard Rock Strength Training Radio, Christina Perri Radio and Rachel Platten Radio on Pandora. Lindsey Sterling is also a very good station.
  3. Reward yourself. Pick a goal of reaching a certain amount of miles in a specific time frame, keep moving for a certain amount of time, number of sprints completed, etc. Reward yourself with a night out, a new piece of clothing, certain food you don’t normally eat, etc.
  4. Phone calls! If no one wants to tag along on your run, take this time to call your friends and family. Catch up with some people that you haven’t been able to see recently.
  5. Splurge on running gear. By buying those fancy new running clothes, you may be more tempted to actually go on a run and use them. Why buy running shoes if they’re just going to stay in your closet? Right?! Splurging on new attire can also go hand-in-hand with #3 of rewarding yourself.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Happy Running,

Meg C.