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Shoulder Mobility Cheat Sheet
Hi everyone I had a few questions about the shoulder blog I put up a week or so ago in regards to what a good routine would consist of on a daily/weekly basis.  Ideally you want to start with simple “warm-up” mobilizations and then get into more aggressive hands on mobility.  Below is a quick guide that you can use on a weekly basis to ensure your shoulder mobility is not being compromised.  Before you do the below have a friend take a look at your shoulder range of motion.  Remember the whole “can you see my ear test”?  After you are done have the same partner take another look and check out the difference.  You will be surprised. 

  • PVC Pipe – become friends with this piece of equipment. Perform 15 figure eights each side and 15 shoulder pass throughs.  If you are still feeling tight do 15 more of each.  I would recommend always doing 2 rounds whether you feel tight or not.  
  • Lacrosse Ball– As mentioned before a lacrosse ball could be your best friend when dealing with shoulder issues.  
    • Posterior shoulder capsule – lie on you back with a lacrosse ball placed on the back of your shoulder.  Start with your shoulder perpendicular to your body with your elbow bent (fingers pointed to the ceiling).  From here rotate your arm backwards and forward. Perform 2 sets of 15
    • Infraspinatus (check your anatomy book for the exact location!) – same as the above exercise but the lacrosse ball moves just a little towards the center of the body on the shoulder blade.  Perform 2 sets of 15.
  • Foam Roller – For the purpose of working on your shoulder mobility you are going to foam roll your upper/middle and lower back along with your latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles.  To foam roll your trapezius and trapezius muscles lie on the foam roller (on your side) placed just above your hips and work up and down those muscles.  Focus on the big muscles.  
  • Lacrosse Ball and Weight Plate – This is my personal favorite and also the least enjoyable!!  This exercise requires two lacrosse balls taped together (they have a pair at the box or you can make your own) and a partner the first time you do this.  Place the taped lacrosse balls on the floor perpendicular to your body.  Lie on the lacrosse balls at the level of your shoulder blades.  From here your partner will place the 25, 35 or 45 pound plate on your chest so that you can wrap your arms around it (like you are giving the weight plate a big hug).  I suggest starting with a lightweight or no weight until you get the hang of it.  From here you are going to rotate to your left and your right 3 times per side.  After this move the lacrosse balls down an inch or two and repeat.  Continue 7-10 times and make it through the entire mid back.  As I said this is not very enjoyable but extremely effective.